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#IPPA Awards – Where Emerging Talent Meets Reco...

Recognizing the need to appreciate and acknowledge the exceptional talent being churned out across a wide range of creative spectrum, IPPA (International Pakistan Prestige Awards) is being scheduled to be held onSeptember 17, 2017 in the city of London – a hub known for contrast and creativity. Being one of the biggest International Pakistani Awards, IPPA is all set to celebrate the best of the best in Pakistan’s Film, Music, T.V, Fashion and Sports industry by presenting a set of 25 awards in various ... read more »

पाक को ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से देंगे: शाही इमाम पं...

Fri, May 5, 2017 at 2:20 PM लुधियाना में हज़ारों मुसलमानों ने जलाया नवाज शरीफ का पुतला लुधियाना में पाकिस्तान के प्रधानमंत्री नवाज शरीफ का पुतला जलाते हुए मुस्लिम समुदाय के लोग लुधियाना: 5 मई 2017: (पंजाब स्क्रीन ब्यूरो): जिन लोगों के दिमाग में नफरतकी सियासत भरी है उन लोगों को हर बुरी घटना के पीछे कोई अल्पसंख्यक ही दिखता है। हिन्दोस्तान की एकता, अखंडता और सीमा को अभेद बनाये रखने के लिए जीते अच्छे कारनामे मुस्लिम समुदाय ने किये हैं उनकी लिस्ट बहूज लम्बी है। इन गौरव गाथाओं की याद दिलाते हुए आ... read more »

#PRIHATIN ~ Orang Ramai Jadi Hero Selamatkan Ma...

TAKTIK empat warga Pakistan yang cuba samun seorang wanita dengan kaedah pukau berjaya ditumpaskan orang ramai di mesin deposit wang (CDM) sebuh bank di Taman Maluri, Cheras.Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 5.30 petang Isnin itu, mangsa yang berusia 53 tahun bersama-sama anaknya pergi ke mesin tersebut di bank berkenaan untuk mendeposit wang sebanyak RM3,000.Ketua Polis Daerah Cheras, Asisten Komisioner Chong Kok Sin berkata mesin berkenaan tidak menerima satu wang RM50 dan mangsa mengambil wang itu dan cuba... read more »

Can’t Cook? #DontCook! – Feasting Made Easy wit...

‘Tis the season of festivities, family get-togethers, and parties with your favorite people and you know what that means? That entails a celebration of good times and cheer which can never be deemed complete without a gift of delicious food! Be it a Christmas celebration with your best chums, a soiree during the winter semester break, a coffee klatch on a cozy night or a visit by your distant family relative during vacations, these are the times when you’d want good food being quickly made and readily ... read more »

शहीद सैनिकों के लिए एक-एक करोड़ रूपये की मांग

Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 12:40 PM मजलिस अहरार इस्लाम हिंद ने की केंद्र सरकार से मांग पाकिस्तान से संबध खत्म कर मुंह तोड़ जवाब दिया जाए ऊड़ी में आंतकी हमला निंदनीय: शाही इमाम पंजाब लुधियाना:19 सितंबर 2016:(पंजाब स्क्रीन ब्यूरो):: शाही इमाम मौलाना हबीब उर रहमानी सानी लुधियानवी जम्मू-कश्मीर के ऊड़ी सैक्टर में पाकिस्तानी आंतकवादियों की तरफ से किए गए आंतकी हमले की कड़े शब्दों में निंदा करते हुए शाही इमाम पंजाब मौलाना हबीब उर रहमान सानी लुधियानवी ने कहा कि भारत सरकार को चाहिए कि पाकिस्तान से स... read more »

शाही इमाम को सदमा, पाकिस्तान में मामा का देहांत

Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 3:21 PM जनाज़े में भारत से नहीं जा सका कोई पारिवारिक सदस्य लुधियाना: 24 अगस्त 2016: (पंजाब स्क्रीनब्यूरो): सत्तर के दशक बात हैकामरेड तेजासिंह स्वतन्त्र अपने एक भाषण में कह रहे थे-आज़ादी आने के बाद भी हम आम नागरिकों के मुकाबलेअभी तक तो इन पंक्षियों की हालत अच्छीहै जो जहाँ चाहे अपना बसेरा तो बना लेते हैं। वह दिल्ली की निरंकारी कलोनी के पास बनी इंदिरा विकास कलोनी में मई दिवस के अवसर पर बोल रहे थे। यह आयोजन एक ऐसी कलोनी के लोगों की तरफ सिकराय जा रहा था जिन्हें वहां से अवैध कह कर... read more »

10 metode originale de luptă contra corupției

În contextul ultimelor rețineri a mai multor funcționari de stat, dar și altor persoane, printre care: aleși locali, polițiști, vameși, avocați, cadre didactice, cu toții bănuiți că ar fi implicați în cazuri de corupției, stau și mă gîndesc: „Poate nu facem ceea ce trebuie?”. Cert este că pentru majoritatea populației din Republica Moldova, toate programele [] read more »

Lo que quiere ocultar Occidente sobre Al-Qaeda ...

Después de los atentados múltiples del pasado viernes 13 en Paris, hecho que se adjudicó el Estado Islámico y que les costó la vida a 129 personas, innumerables publicaciones se han compartido por las redes sociales En un artículo el economista canadiense y director del Centro de Investigación sobre la Globalización, Michel Chossudovsky, recopiló 24 [] read more »

#KhushiyanChakhLo with Shan Foods – The Real, W...

Nothing else could be as sweet and salty as the latest Ad film by Shan Foods that has been introduced as a part of their Eid campaign. Shan Foods, one of the leading recipe mix brands in Pakistan, will now not only be remembered for producing all those spicy and delicious masalas being found on our kitchen shelves but the brand shall also be celebrated for introducing this awesome and emotionally packed TVC whose content has tugged at the heartstrings of its viewers. Living in an ad-age where our minds ... read more »

Eat, Drink & Be Merry! - Are You the #AsalFoodi...

We all love food, don’t we? Be it some local roadside dhabba serving traditional cuisines or the newly-opened, fanciest restaurant in K-town, there’s nothing that stops us from setting off on the culinary chase and that’s what makes us foodies! But who knew that being a foodie could be so rewarding! The new 7Up #AsalFoodie campaign isn’t only about celebrating love for food but it’s also about cherishing yourself as a bona fide foodie by saying it loud and proud on your social profiles. Team 7Up is on a ... read more »

Show-stoppers at #TFPW15 – The Drool-worthy Ici...

Elvis must have left the building by now but the fashionistas including the designers and the enthusiastic crowd that had been present at Telenor Fashion Pakistan Week (TFPW15), continue to dwell in the awe-inspiring moments being experienced at the event, which was no less than a “a mid-spring’s night dream.” Four nights featuring the outstanding designers’ collections having celebrities strut in their glamorous garments, the fashion show came with a lot of surprises on the ramp. Revolving around what... read more »

#SooperHaiCricket & the Joy of Winning!

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 While the fate of our cricket team is yet to be decided in CWC 2015, let us pray for its flawless victory, eat a little Sooper and continue to chant for our team's success just because we believe that #SooperHaiCricket the Joy of Winning!Good Luck, Team Pakistan! read more »

भारतीय इंडस्ट्री चीनी चुनौती का सामना करने में ...

पर साथ ही किया शिकवा कि साथ नहीं देती सरकारें और उनकी नीतियां लुधियाना में 13 से शुरू होगी भारत-पाक साईकल एक्सपो लुधियाना:: 12 फ़रवरी 2015: (रेक्टर कथूरिया//पंजाब स्क्रीन): जंग केवल सीमा पर नहीं होती। आजकल जंग आसमान में भी होती है और है, समुन्द्र में भी और बाज़ार में भी। काफी लम्बे समय से चीन ने जंग का मैदान बना रखा है भारत के बाज़ार को। आये दिन कोई न कोई चीज़ बहुत ही आकर्षक रंग रूप लेकिन बहुत ही सस्ते भाव पर दुकानों में पहुँच जाती है। यह सौदा इतना लुभावना होता है भारत के लोग भारत की बनी चीज़ को ह... read more »


Es una linda palabra, es definida como ‘Conjunto formado por todos los seres humanos’, y la más importante a mi parecer ‘Sensibilidad, compasión, bondad hacia los semejantes’. Esto último es lo que no hemos visto esta semana. El día lunes un tipo loco en extremo tomo rehenes en un café de Sídney, resultado 3 rehenes [] read more »

NED plans... to Open a Dubai Campus!

Yeah I think I am late to the party with this news but lately there has been a buzz on the Internet about NED University of Engineering And Technology Karachi, which is one the Pakistan`s Oldest and Best Engineering Universities. Vice Chancellor of NEDuet, Muhammad Afzal Haque said" NED would like to establish a campus in Dubai along with other internationally renowned universities. We feel obliged to serve the Pakistani expatriate community living in the Middle East, as well as local students, at an af... read more »

If You Don`t Have The Courage To Stand Up, Then...

Jaun Eliaہر ایک طنز کیا جاُئے، ہر ایک طعنہ دیا جائےکچھ بھی ہو پر اب حدِ ادب نہ رہا جاٰئےتاریخ نے قوموں کو دیا ہے یہی پیغام،حق مانگنا توحین ہے، حق چھین لیا جائے Har Aek Tanz Kiya Jae, Har Aek Taana Diya Jae, Kuch Bhi Ho Par Abb Had-e-Adab Na Raha Jae, Taree`kh Ne Qoumo`n Ko Diya Hai Yehi Paigham, Haq Mangna Touheen Hai Haq Cheen Liya Jae. FIght for your Rights. If you don`t, nobody else would fight it for you, Only those succeed, who have the courage to face their fears, and rise above them...#JaunElia read more »

#BBQ After #Eid, Becoming a Delightful Trend Am...

Fun With Cucumber Lighting Up The FIre Party with friends is all about enjoying and having fun, and #Eid is one those festivals when we gather and party, and when are we are around there is nothing in this world that we cannot make fun out of. whether be a cucumber. just poke a stick through it and wallah you have FunStick. Started Cooking We lit up the fire at around 1:00 A.M, the menu was Bihari Kabab, Seekh Kabab and Tikka Boti about 13 kg of them. Yum!!! that tasted amazingly.We were 15, a... read more »

"Go Nawaz Go", Or "Go System Go"

Go Nawaz Go -Own WorkI am going to write this post without any sort of bias towards anyone, because I think that the people or faces don't matter, what matters is the ideology because some may live 60,70 or even 100 years but after that they all have to die, and what remains is only their ideology and character, which describes who they were and what they did." #GoNawazGo " was a slogan, rather I would say a war, against the crippled and unjust political system of the country(#Pakistan).The independence ... read more »

Nanga Parbat – Muntele Plesuv – Pakistan

Descopera Lumea Nanga Parbat (Muntele plesuv) sau Diamir (Regele muntilor) este al noualea varf ca inaltime de pe Pamant si al doilea ca inaltime din Pakistan. Nanga Parbat inseamna Muntele Golas, in hindi parbat deriva din parvata munte. Muntele a fost descoperit de fratii germani Schlagintweit. Este considerat intre alpinisti ca unul dintre piscurile de peste 8.000 [] read more »

كتاب حول 11 سبتمبر/ أيلول يجب أن يقرأه الجميع

كتاب حول 11 سبتمبر/ أيلول يجب أن يقرأه الجميع بقلم راي حنانيه A 9/11 book the world needs to read على مدى 39 سنة من العمل الصحفي المحترف لم يعترضني يوما خبر صادمٌ مثل هذا الذي قرأته لتوّي في كتاب... Read More read more »

There really was a flood

Friends, One of the problems I have with scientific evolution is the absence of science. First I was told there was no flood, then I was told Moses borrowed the story, and now? BBC story on swimming pools. I find Continue reading read more »

दोनों देशों के लोग चाहते हैं अमन और शांति-मियां...

Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 5:19 PM स्काटलैंड की तरह ही यहां भी भारत-पाक के लोग मोहब्बत से रहें पाकिस्तानी पंजाब केगवर्नर ने की मीडिया से भी बात अमृतसर: 18फरवरी 2014(गजिंदर सिंह किंग//पंजाब स्क्रीन): पाकिस्तानी पंजाब के गवर्नर मियां मोहम्मद सरवर कृषि सम्मेलन में हिस्सा लेने के बाद आज गुरु नगरी अमृतसर पहुंचे और सचखंड श्री हरमंदिर साहिब में नतमस्तक हुए। इस मौके पर एसजीपीसी की ओर से उन्हें सिरोपा भेंट कर सम्मानित किया गया। पत्रकारों से बातचीत के दौरान उन्होंने कहा, कि वह सन् 2006 में भी यहां आकर शीश नवा चु... read more »

पाकिस्तान में जारी है हिन्दू लड़कियों का अपहरण औ...

अभी भीमदरसे में है अपह्रतपूजा-परिवार को नहीं मिला इन्साफ सिंध पाकिस्तान में पूजा का अपहरण--जबरदस्ती मुस्लिम भी बनाया हथियारों के बल पर कबूल कराया इस्लाम लुधियाना:30 जनवरी 2014 (रेकटर कथूरिया):कभी जनाब साहिर लुधियानवी साहिब ने लिखा था, "उस शाम मुझे मालूम हुआ, जब भाई जंग में काम आये सरमाए के कहबाख़ाने में बहनों की जवानी बिकती है..." (पूरी रचना पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें) यह फोटो:तरुण भारतसे साभार सिंध (पाकिस्तान) में धर्मांतरण की नयी शिकार पूजा पर वोह जंगका माहौल था और वोह हालात... read more »

सिंध पाकिस्तान में पूजा का अपहरण

हथियारों के बल पर कबूल कराया इस्लाम सिंध (पाकिस्तान):उम्र 16 बरस। नाम पूजा। कसूर हिन्दू होने के बावजूद पाकिस्तान में रहना और वह भी लड़की हो कर। जिस दिन पूजा अपनी शादी के कपड़े सिलवाने एक boutique में महिला दर्जी के पास जा रही थी उस दिन उसे रास्ते में ही अगवा कर लिया गया और जबरदस्ती कराची में बनौरी टाऊन के एक मदरसे में ले जाकर उसे मुस्लिम बना दिया गया। परिवार ने संघर Sanghar थाने में एफआईआर लिखवाई तो पुलिस ने थोड़ी सी कागज़ी खानापूरी ज़रूर की पर उसके बाद कुछ भी नहीं। घटना 17 जनवरी 2014 की थी। कई दिनों की इ... read more »

सिंध पाकिस्तान में पूजा का अपहरण--जबरदस्ती मुस्...

Updated 27 Jan 2014 at 11:15 PM हथियारों के बल पर कबूल कराया इस्लाम Ludhiana:27 Jan 2014:(Rector Kathuria): लुधियाना: 24 जनवरी 2014 (रेकटर कथूरिया): लड़कियों के लिए यह ज़मीन लगातार तंग होती जा रही है। अगर फरीदकोट में श्रुति को दिन दिहाड़े उठाया जाता है तो अमृतसर में बेटी की इज़तबचाने आएएएसआई कोदिनदिहाड़े गोली मार दी जाती है। गुंडागर्दी कायह शर्मनाक नाचवहाँ पाकिस्तान में भी हो रहा है। वहाँ बाज़ार से एक हिन्दू लड़की पूजा को हथियारों के ज़ोर परउठा लिया गया और पास ही एक मदरसे में ले जाकर उसे मुसलमान बना द... read more »

Video: D’Banj – Finally

Heres the official video from DBanj, the title of the video is Finally. Download the video below. Download DBanj Finally read more »

Mysterious Illness Kills 8 Cows and Infects oth...

Mark TurnerMysterious World6/15/2013On June 10th, a story fromPakistan says that eight cows have died in different areas in the province of Sargodha. A mysterious disease that has killed cows, goats, sheep and buffalo.Though the details are sketchy, one is left to wonder if this is a case of Mad Cow disease which infectsgrazer animals? The local population is upset and claim that no measures are being made by authorities to keep the situation under control. They demand vaccination, but of what type of in... read more »

The Difference Between Ideology and Revenge

by J. Andrew Zalucky (Photo: New York Times) Here is investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, writing in The Nation last year: The October drone strike that killed Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman, a US citizen, and his teenage cousin shocked and enraged Yemenis of all political stripes. “I firmly believe that the [military] operations implemented by the [...] read more »


Per 6 brave persone: 1Kg. di patate binge, 500 gr. di piselli, 2 cipolle, 3 spicchi d’aglio, 3 cucchiai d’olio, curry q.b., peperoncino q.b., acqua. Lavate le patate, sbucciatele, tagliatele a dadini e rilavatele in 2-3 acque così da eliminare più amido possibile (le patate devono proprio essere binge, altre patate si sfalderebbero trasformandosi in un quasi purè). Con l’olio soffriggere in una padella antiaderente le cipolle e l’aglio tritati. Aggiungere dopo 2 minuti la polvere di currye il pepero... read more »

Do you know where this is?

It's in Abbotabad, Pakistan, only a couple of miles from where Osama Bin Laden was in hiding, and eventually got taken down. It seems like such a benign, ordinary place!Especially when you see sights like this in the same vicinity: I love this photo that Zakir took of the fruit vendors on the roadside. Doesn't it make you want to try one of each? Delicious! read more »

Postcard from Pakistan

Where have we been for the past five days? Enjoying an experience of a lifetime, in the beautiful Kaghan Valley. More later! read more »

What I love about Pakistan

There is color everywhere! The clothes, the pottery, the culture in general. There is just so much color!We went to a cultural festival/ exhibition, where there were artisans from all over the country, demonstrating their skills and selling their products. And between the booths there were traditional dancers and singers representing different regions of Pakistan.These dishes have hand etched patterns on them: And the artist that made these: Wood handiwork: And artwork created by the same artists ... read more »

Ha muerto Osama Bin Laden

Ha muerto Osama Bin Laden quien fuera el líder del grupo terrorista Al Qaeda quienes fueron autores del ataque al World Trade Center y el Pentágono que causó 3,000 muertos el 11 de septiembre del año 2001. Bin Laden tenía 54 años de edad.  El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama informó que Bin Laden [...] read more »

On the Calendar

Today I put some important dates on the calendar. I called Bilal's cardiologist's office and scheduled his follow up appointment. So that is set for February 1st. I am definitely looking forward to knowing if or how things have changed with Bilal's heart anatomy since we last went in July 2009. But there is always that anticipatory anxiety that creeps in when the date has been set. Fortunately since the appointment is only four weeks out that stress can't last longer than four weeks!And another big date ... read more »

Azaadi, Pakistan, curfew & stone pelting

For years, somewhere in the Pakistani psyche, etched deep within is a wound... a wound that brought up such amounts of pent up energy that it attacked it's bigger brother with hostile intentions four times, but fell to the ground all four times.After the third round, the bigger brother too did not take it lying down and freed East Bengal(now Bangladesh) from Pakistan's control.The final of the four, the Kargil conflict was a macabre and treacherous operation by the over ambitious Gen Mussharraf who was l... read more »

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