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Crônica | Como Assim Brasil?

Viver no Brasil é fácil, o País é lindo, povo alegre apesar dos motivos para tristeza, muitas praias, sol, enfim é o lugar, mas difícil é entender certas situações que só acontecem nos rincões verde e amarelos do mundo. Amigo eu vou te contar um negócio, se você for parar para entender tudo desta nossa Nação tu fica louco menino. Sério mesmo! Eu separei algumas situações comuns e que tenho certeza você, algum dia já se deparou com uma delas. Muitas destas situações ocorrem no nosso dia-a-dia ou são notic... read more »

So what’s new with you?

Happy Halloween my dears 🎃👻 I am finding it insanely difficult to type because of these so if I make some typos you guys will know why. worth it though. Im officially on midterm break, woo! I have Gatsby lying next to me.. and I have the worst head cold ever. Typical, isnt it? I Continue reading So whats new with you? read more »

The Shoe Stall

Practicando inglés con este Sketch, ganador del concurso de vídeos de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas "Mar de Viñas", de Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), en 2016. Practising with this English Sketch, titled The Shoe Stall.Cast: Honest Harry: Luis Cruz Cubero Customer: Santi Castellanos read more »

Brunch Avoidance

The meal will begin with a delightfully surprising appetizer of fried Brussels sprouts and bacon, the waiter explained. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait up, Terrance interuppted, Brussles sprouts? Can I opt out? Dude, its amazing.  Try it, Terrances dining partner, Connor, said attempting to avoid a brunch debacle. Nah, man. Last time I had sprouts I Continue reading Brunch Avoidance read more »

Ross Gave a Speech

Friends, I have gathered you here so you can witness history, Ross said.  He stood at the head of a ten-top table, the largest in the most popular burrito place in town, and looked over the assembled friends. Quinn shook his head.  For being Ross right hand man for years, he had very little patience Continue reading Ross Gave aSpeech read more »

One, Two, uh, Two and a Quarter…

You had better have your shoes on by the count of three! Get moving! The children paid no attention. Fine. Let the counting begin!  One. The countdown did not start as expected..  The exasperated father had bribed and begged for assistance, but the kids were busy with completely ignoring him. Two! One child looked up Continue reading One, Two, uh, Two and aQuarter read more »

Saturday Night at the Parking Lot

Saturday night in a town of fewer than 3,000 residents.  Plans consisted of little more than meet at the parking lot! The parking lot referenced in text messages throughout the town sits in front of what was once the local grocery store.  The townsfolk now received their food by drones coming from a warehouse 100 miles Continue reading Saturday Night at the ParkingLot read more »

A Warning Ignored

Theres something terrifying down in that canyon. My last venture resulted in the loss of three explorers.  A creature, born of fire and greed, based on how quickly it moved and devoured all it touched, lurks.  Waits. Watches.  I saw Predator and thought it was a comedy.  No longer shall I laugh, for I have Continue reading A Warning Ignored read more »

The Robot Wanders

The robot wandered.  With each step it took in sights, sounds and, perhaps most curiously, the sensation of the ground around it moving with each passing human step. The footsteps were like music.  Horribly timed music, but music nonetheless.  The robot had not experienced such splendor, such life.  It was tremendous! The robot followed the Continue reading The Robot Wanders read more »

The Friendship of Palmer and Hal

Man, weve known each other a long time.  Weve got a friendship like Romeo and Mercutio! In it together all the time! Hal said with exuberance.  It was not every day friends got to commemorate 10 years of hanging out together. Palmers face warped as confusion overcame him.  Romeo and Mercutio? Dude, they were in Continue reading The Friendship of Palmer andHal read more »

Jerri Hit a Road Block

Oh crap, folks. Jerri the Fire Ant was displeased.  Her colony had marched for days across desert sands with little to no obstruction.  Now she stared down a green wall thirty times her size and seemingly impenetrable.  The colony would have to find another way. This puts an end to this path.  Lets camp here Continue reading Jerri Hit a RoadBlock read more »

Lenny and the Band

Lets make music history! Lenny shouted from the sound booth.  He meant his words.  The band on the other side of the glass was innovative, challenging, motivated and talented to top it all off. The band cheered and the drummer began to count them down.  Every thing would be recorded at once. Drums, vocals, Continue reading Lenny and theBand read more »

The Treaty

The treaty is signed, Jansen said, displaying the document that brought an end to the long running feud. The two factions remained on their respective sides, but silence replaced venomous speech that had defined the conversation for so long.  Jansen was exhausted.  Peace had taken months to bring about.  Councils were convened, representatives from both Continue reading The Treaty read more »

The Mug Shot

This is public record now, huh? Mason asked, holding a copy of his mug shot. Sure is, kid.  Make better choices now, okay? Officer Darsen said, handing over the remainder of the recently released criminals items. Mason grabbed a lighter, a coat and a copy of Blues Brothers 2000 he did not remember buying and made his Continue reading The Mug Shot read more »

Penny and The Great One

Candle light flickered throughout the chamber.  Robed figures stood round a circle and chanted their mystical words in unison.  In due time, the ceremony would be complete and The Great One would rise. But only if Penny could keep herself from laughing.  She felt like Dr. Stantz at the end of Ghostbusters  thinking of the marshmallow Continue reading Penny and The GreatOne read more »

Walter’s Late Night

Walter! Get up and going, man! Rafi said. Walter did not move.  He grumbled and ignored his friends pleas. Dude, weve got stuff to do today! Rafi pushed. Walter responded with yet another grumble at first, but much to his surprise, found himself capable of speech as well.  Rafi, buddy, I was up until 1:00am Continue reading Walters Late Night read more »

The Interview

What makes you interested in this particular program, Mr. Dover? The admissions counselor asked of Mr. Dover much to his delight.  No one had ever called him mister before. Well, I really feel I was born for the mortuary trade. Mr. Dover explained. Why is that? My first name is Keel. Your name is Keel Continue reading The Interview read more »

The Loan

I am sorry, Mr. Evilbeard, Bank of Slow Island will not be able to approve your loan, the banker informed Francis. Oh, come on! Francis exploded.  His fists slammed against the giant desk between he and the banker.  Country Bank, First Place Bank, Loan-Star Bank; no one has the courage to finance this! Be bold, Continue reading The Loan read more »

Jenkins Fixes Computers

Jenkins! Mr. Sanders shouted from behind his closed office door. Jenkins, sitting just outside in a cubicle meant for no human to sit in, interpreted the shout to mean, kid, get in here.  Jenkins obliged. Whats up, Mr. Sanders? Jenkins asked, peering into the office. Fix this. Sanders pointed at his computer screen.  Jenkins moved to Continue reading Jenkins Fixes Computers read more »

Dreams of Trampolines

Hey, neighbor! Cool new trampoline, huh? Kids are going to love that, Gary said in the first interaction he had with his neighbor, hopefully named Paul because thats the name Gary had set to his neighbors face and was way too late to change that now, in what must have been five months. Hey, Gary, Continue reading Dreams of Trampolines read more »

Cassius and the Barn

The night had turned grim.  Cassius, bucked by his horse, was lost in a land far from home.  He knew but two things; first, the approaching storm brought with it a dire time for any caught outside. Second, the dot on the horizon appeared to be a barn. He ran with all the speed he Continue reading Cassius and theBarn read more »

The Lunch Bag Note

Ah, did you get a note from your mom? Eriq asked. Tyson was caught off guard.  He and Eriq had been eating lunch together for years, but this was apparently the first time the customary lunch had been noticed. Yeah, my mom has been leaving me notes in my lunch box since kindergarten, Tyson explained. Continue reading The Lunch BagNote read more »

Harvey McConnell Was Kinda’ Freaked Out

Harvey McConnell was smiling.  He had no idea why and attempts to stop the smile were proving fruitless. Harvey McConnell was kinda freaked out. This sort of thing had happened before.  One April afternoon during his senior year his right leg did the hustle. His art teacher had to tell him the name of Continue reading Harvey McConnell Was Kinda FreakedOut read more »

Internet ... chascarrillos de saldo

A Internet le está pasando un poco como a la televisión cuando pasamos de 2 canales a 700...que hace falta mucho material para llenar tantas horas de emisión. Reconozco que soy una persona a la que le gusta aprender cosas e Internet para eso es fabuloso. Que estás en medio de una acalorada discusión sobre "Curro Jimenez" y no te acuerdas de como se llamaba su compañero de fatigas...pues un poco de Wiki y ahí encuentras al Algarrobo... que estás esperando el treny va a venir demorado 2 o 3 h... read more »

Crônica | O valente na Tempestade.

Já vi muita gente tremer com medo de tempestades, principalmente aquelas com raios e trovões, mas também tem gente que não só treme, também se borra quando parece que o céu está se partindo ao meio. Eu tive uma vizinha assim. A cada trovão que ouvia a pobre criatura gritava dentro de casa e ai, pronto, ninguém mais conseguia dormir na vizinhança. Não sei se era coincidência ou coisa do destino, mas o fato é que enquanto ela esteve viva eu pude presenciar as piores tempestades da minha vida. E tome trovão... read more »

[GAMEME] El día del padre Gamer

El mejor regalo que debería tener un padre Gamer en este día es el orgullo de su [email protected]read more »

Imaginary Conversation with My Wife

Imaginary Conversation with My Wife 23 February 2017 Me: I love the cats, but Her: Yes Me: But the thing I hate the most about them is cat barf. Her: Really? Thats the one thing you hate the most about Continue reading read more »


Die Fake Newstella meines Freundes ist aus so vielen Gründen gut Einsortiert unter:Leben Tagged: blog, fake news, foto, humor, kultur, lachen, leben, menschen, news, Nutella read more »

Water and Hotness

Water is the only thing in my life where I can adjust the hotness. (Yeah, thats supposed to be a joke.) When we look around while out in public, one thing we may notice is that some people look hot Continue reading read more »

George Soros, You Owe Me Some Money…

Just over two weeks ago, I participated in the Nashville leg of the Women’s March. It was very nice to see that many people join together for a common goal. At least that’s what I thought at the time. Now, I’m just peeved. I’m irked. I’m infuriated and enraged and furious and what not. I [] read more »

Inaugurate This

At some point in the life of every American child, they dream of becoming president of the United States. This is a dream slightly lower than the dream of magical space traveler and unicorn breeder, all with only a slightly higher likelihood of happening. The thing they dont tell you as a kid is one [] read more »

Crônica | Internet Primitiva

Estava eu aqui com esta minha mente inventiva imaginando como seria a internet primitiva e me perdi em pensamentos e risos vivendo ilusoriamente algumas cenas. Já pensou como seria a internet dos índios primitivos? O provedor seria uma fogueira e a fumaça o mensageiro. A banda larga seria o vento e tudo muito prático e funcional. Interessante seria o diálogo entre eles. O Cacique olha para o guerreiro e pergunta-lhe se já mandou o Whatsapp para os índios do grupo e então percebe que ele está suando e com... read more »

Aufstand der Huren – sinnlicher Thriller entfüh...

Matthias Gogler berichtet in "Aufstand der Huren" darüber, was geschieht, wenn diese einmal ihren Dienst verweigern. read more »

Humor e magia com Pedro Tochas e Mário Daniel n...

‘COMÉDIA POR UMA CAUSA SÉRIA’: atuação de Pedro Tochas e Mário Daniel   Espetáculo de humor e magia gratuito, dia 31 de outubro, às 21H, no Teatro Tivoli BBVA, Lisboa   Sétima edição conta com a presença do apresentador Jorge Gabriel, embaixador da iniciativa da Pfizer Oncology que apoia a Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro     No próximo dia 31 de Outubro, às 21H, o Teatro Tivoli BBVA, em Lisboa, recebe a sétima edição do ‘Comédia por uma Causa Séria’, o evento que desafiou os portugueses a a... read more »

Cosmic Spacehead Retro Sega Genesis Videogame R...

Title: Cosmic Spacehead Genre: Point and Click / Puzzle Solving Release Date: 1993 Platform: (For this Review) Sega Genesis (there were also other versions including NES and Gamegear). Developers: Codemasters Where to Buy: Geeky:  4/5 High marks here for the graphics and production values, losing a point for the sometimes challenging/frustrating puzzles as Continue reading Cosmic Spacehead Retro Sega Genesis Videogame Review read more »

8 Ways The Big Bang Theory Made Nerds Cool Again

Editors Note: Todays Guestpost comes from Jeremy at who shares how he believes the Big Bang Theory helped make nerds cool again.  If youre a nerd too, check out Jeremys shop for awesome pop-culture tshirts and more. Eight Ways The Big Bang Theory Made Nerds Cool Again Eight Ways The Big Bang Theory Made Nerds Continue reading 8 Ways The Big Bang Theory Made Nerds Cool Again read more »

Burlándose de Donald Trump

Recibir atención mediática constantemente tiene sus riesgos y aunque a Donald Trump le hace ganar más y más protagonismo las numerosas veces en las que se le imita, se hace chistes sobre él o se le critica hundiría en la miseria a cualquiera pero Donald Trump lleva toda su vida siendo el foco de atención y a veces se presta al juego. Van a ver ahora algún vídeo hilarante en el que se imita a Donald Trump o con él mismo, con invitados de excepción y gran una sorpresa final... Muy divertido. Niños imitan ... read more »

Prendi la vita con Humor!

Con la primavera è giunto finalmente il tempo di scampagnate, pranzi al sacco, pic nic e gite scolastiche. Emozionante ed attesissimo, il giorno della gita accresce la voglia di avventura e condivisione di esperienze memorabili con i propri compagni, ma anche la preoccupazione di noi mamme di portarli puntuali al pullman, di vestirli in modo adeguato, di attrezzare lo zainetto con ombrellino, block notes per appunti, soldini per comprare qualche souvenir e ovviamente una golosa merenda. Grazie a BAMA... read more »

¡Ujum! (123)

(122) ─Oye, Marta. ¿Te gustan las ecuaciones? ─Sí.. Bueno... Solo hasta cierto grado. ─¡Ujum! read more »

Habaneras de Cádiz – Carlos Cano

Desde que estuve, niña, en La Habana no se me puede olvidar tanto Cádiz ante mi ventana, Tacita lejana, aquella mañana pude contemplar Las olas de la Caleta, que es plata quieta, rompían contra las rocas de aquel paseo que al bamboleo de aquellas bocas allí le llaman El Malecón Había coches de caballos, [] read more »

¡Ujum! (122)

(121) ─Cariño, ¿crees que tengo un cuerpo bonito? ─Tienes un cuerpo de infarto. ─¿Piensas eso en serio? ─Sí, en serio. Ve al médico. Tanta grasa no puede ser buena. ─¡Ujum! read more »

¡Ujum! (121)

(120) ─¿Qué te pasa que estás tan mosca? ─El dichoso examen de conducir. ─¿Suspendiste? ─Iban a pillar. Nada más empezar me dicen «Arranque el motor» y yo... ─¡Ujum! read more »

¡Ujum! (120)

(119) ─Me acaba de entrar un duda. ─¿Cuál? ─Si el jabón huele bien y sabe mal... ¿Cómo sabemos que la caca no sabe riquísima? ─¡Ujum! read more »

Algunos se aburren... (2)

¿Cómo sería Parque jurásico sin los dinosaurios? Así. (1) read more »

¡Ujum! (119)

(118) ─Inés, que te metes en dirección contraria. ─Calla ya, amarguras. ─¿Pero no has visto la señal? ─Como la voy a ver si estaba al reves. ─¡Ujum! read more »

A Brezn für Allah – eine kleine bayerische Gesc...

Mit ihrem humorvollen Buch "A Brezn für Allah" nähert sich Autorin Sabine Kulinski dem Flüchtlingsthema mit positiver Einstellung und einem Augenzwinkern. read more »

¡Ujum! (118)

(117) ─Camarero, venga aquí. ¡Rapidito! ─Sí, dígame. ¿Qué desea? ─Hay una mosca en mi sopa. Traiga otra. ¡Rapidito! ─¡Marchando otra mosca para la mesa once! ─¡Ujum! read more »

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