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You Tube | Canal Fala, Sério! | Por Elaine Sério.

Esta jovem carioca de sobrenome curioso não traz em sua imensa bagagem de atributos apenas a beleza física e a simpatia, mas a empreendedora e profissional de Marketing de Relacionamentos Elaine Sério é bem mais que apenas um rostinho bonito na Cidade Maravilhosa. Extrovertida e muito comunicativa, sua área de atuação profissional parece lhe ter caído como uma luva e relacionar-se com o público tem sido um grande divisor de águas na vida da jovem. Quando o assunto é empreendedorismo os olhos da moça bril... read more »

Imaginary Friends by Elaine

This past weekend, I overheard my almost 4 year old toddler chatting away with someone. A proper conversation, which may or may not have included Commands. The dog was with me, the cats ignore him, so who was he talking with? Alfred, he said. Mateo has a good friend at school called Alfred [] The post Imaginary Friends by Elaine appeared first on Style Me Sunday. read more »

Middle Age Funk by Elaine

What does one do when the middle age funk hits hard? Not even sure if it is that but its pretty rubbish, regardless. Chronic pain has been my main catalyst to exit the abovementioned funk, along with lack of energy, graying hair (that wont gray in a decent pattern), deepening wrinkles and a further sagging [] The post Middle Age Funk by Elaine appeared first on Style Me Sunday. read more »

Chinese New Year by Elaine

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. On February 19th, billions of Chinese folk will bid farewell to the Horse and welcome in The Year of the Ram. Or sheep. Or goat. Im not actually sure which animal is the correct one. Sorry, dad. Regardless, all the pictures show a woolly creature. The Chinese use a [] The post Chinese New Year by Elaine appeared first on Style Me Sunday. read more »

Vaccinations by Elaine

I’ve been semi-holed up for over one week. Because I’m a responsible adult, I have not been driving when on painkillers. When needs must, I’ve forgone the meds to go shopping for gorceries etc. When I’m not on the meds, my mood is elevated to snark x 1000. However, when on the meds, my mood [] The post Vaccinations by Elaine appeared first on Style Me Sunday. read more »

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