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Recent blog posts on Eid

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Eid Weekend

With not much time for a Hong Kong trip, off to Abu Dhabi for Eid weekend it is. read more »

Jashn e Eid in Dubai with Rabbi Shergill, Shiba...

Dubai is ready for a stupendous Eid celebration this 2016 with Jashn e Eid coming to town on 8th July The post Jashn e Eid in Dubai with Rabbi Shergill, Shibani Kashyap Maya Venus appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

#KhushiyanChakhLo with Shan Foods – The Real, W...

Nothing else could be as sweet and salty as the latest Ad film by Shan Foods that has been introduced as a part of their Eid campaign. Shan Foods, one of the leading recipe mix brands in Pakistan, will now not only be remembered for producing all those spicy and delicious masalas being found on our kitchen shelves but the brand shall also be celebrated for introducing this awesome and emotionally packed TVC whose content has tugged at the heartstrings of its viewers. Living in an ad-age where our minds ... read more »

Celebrating Eid ul Adha

This year it's been odd, not to have Safa with us on Eid, but with everything going on at college, she couldn't make it. We went to the BJCC for Eid prayers as usual; Hamza opted to go with us too, instead of going to the robotics tournament. There was a great turnout at prayer time, and we had the opportunity to meet many friends and acquaintances. I also had the chance to spend a little time with this precious one:. She is four months old, and very laid back. After prayers, we went over to a friend'... read more »

Eid al Fitr 2014

I know, I'm not even blogging in the right order. But I will try to get to everything over the next few weeks. At least I'll try!We celebrated the end of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr, this past Monday. We had blocked the clinic for a holiday, well in advance. It's so refreshing, and so rare to see the kids dressed up, we had to pause for a few photos before we left for prayers at the BJCC. The prayer service had a huge turnout, the east exhibition hall was packed with Birmingham Muslims from all nationalities. ... read more »

Our Eid

After a delicious breakfast and before we went for Eid prayers, we ran outside to take a few photos. And after prayers we brought Farah and the boys with us to hang out for the day. It's not easy getting everyone to cooperate at the same time, but we made do with Mobeen's 'silly' face. Later we changed and took the boys out for lunch. Mohsin helped out in the kitchen, while I made some chocolate cake for dessert. He poured the oil with no spills! And using the hand mixer was a lot of fun too! I let ... read more »

Ready for Eid!

The new moon has been sighted, and that means that the blessed month of Ramadan has come to an end. And tomorrow morning the celebrations begin. We will meet at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex tomorrow morning for Eid prayers, and the rest of day will be spent doing fun stuff with the kids.Since yesterday was my day off I took Safa to the mall to have henna applied on her hands. It's a great Eid tradition. One of her friends joined us there, but for her it was a new experience. I think their ... read more »

Preparing for Eid al Adha

Tomorrow we celebrate Eid ul Adha. The day will start with a gathering of members of the Muslim Community for Eid prayers, followed by a few smaller events through the day. Safa has a crazy busy school schedule, so she won't be taking the day off, and Hamza wants to check in to school after prayers. So Bilal will be the only one who will actually have the entire day off. But school or no school, we still have to make it feel like Eid. So this afternoon I took Safa to the mall for henna on her hands. Nic... read more »

Eid al Fitr 2012

We celebrated Eid today, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. We started the morning by having a traditional dessert for breakfast, and then headed downtown for the Eid prayers. It is a large gathering, even larger than many previous years, probably because this year Eid fell on a weekend. After Eid prayers we headed home for a short period of time. Then, armed with a freshly baked blueberry cobbler, we went to visit a friend's house for brunch. We spent an hour or two catching up with friends ... read more »

Eid Mubarak!

I'm a day late posting this, but we have been so caught up in the activities this weekend that there wasn't time! Yesterday we celebrated Eid ul Adha, which is the day after Hajj, the holy pilgrimage in Makkah. Prayers were held at the Sheraton in Downtown Birmingham, and later in the evening we had a one dish party to go to. The entire week and the weekend have been extremely busy. Thank goodness Zakir and I have the day off today to catch up on office work and some housework. At least we won't be sta... read more »

Eid Mubarak...

... from the Khan family. I hope everyone's day is full of blessings and celebration. Tomorrow it's back to the grind as usual :( read more »

Can you hear that?

What is it? It's something I haven't heard in this house for the past 2 weeks. It's silence. An actual pause between coughs. The first sign that my kiddos are getting better. Well actually, Safa's at school so it's only me and Bilal at home, but it is so blissful to not hear a constant cough. And Bilal hasn't run a fever this morning, for the first time in 8 days. He actually asked for breakfast this morning. Granted, he didn't eat much, but considering Zakir had to threaten to take him to the hospital f... read more »

What's new in the life of our four year old....

The silly things that kids say.............Bilal said to me today, "I cleaned up all my toys, so what do I get?" My response, "A hug". But then he clarified, "No, I mean, how much money do I get?" I explained to him that he doesn't get any money for doing what he's supposed to do, but if he cleaned up Mama's room I'd give him money. He cracked up, thought it was so hilarious, and no, he did NOT volunteer to clean up my room. He had got money as a gift on Eid, as is the tradition, and I think the concept ... read more »

Our Eid celebration

We have had a great few days, with our nephews spending time with us over the Eid holiday. It was sad to see them leave today. Can't wait until we get a chance to visit them in Mobile, I hope it will be soon!On Wednesday night Safa and I went to the MCBA Chaand Raat celebration to meet some friends, eat delicious food, and apply henna to our hands. Actually I didn't get any, but we made sure that Safa had some on both of hers, thanks to the talented young ladies with their cones of henna. Saema applying... read more »

Look who's here!

Mamoo's loving some Baby Mohsin :)Farah and the gang will be with us for the next few days, so we will all get to celebrate Eid together on Friday. Sooooo excited! read more »

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