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Texting And Driving: Why The Campaign Against I...

We all love our cell phones and the evolving technology; I mean carrying your own personal computer around is pretty amazing. But our addiction to this device is not only causing life threatening dangers to us, but to others as well. Let’s accept it when our cell phone’s ring goes off, we are always temptedRead more The post Texting And Driving: Why The Campaign Against It Is So Important To Everyones Safety appeared first on A Rear Facing Family. read more »

Running for Congress––Seriously!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently than usual. I hate to use the “I’ve been busy” excuse––but it’s true! I was nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for the 1st District congressional seat in Maine. I am honored and humbled––and I’m embracing this adventure enthusiastically. I teach leadership. I write [] read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Support #ASKPHARMA Cam...

I can still remember when my twins got vaccinated and I need to shoulder the expensive vaccines. There was no available vaccines at our Health Center that time. Though it was expensive (and I need to pay double) I never thought twice because I knew that it will benefit my twins. Doctors Without Borders Philippines Image/Mommies of Mommy Bloggers Philippines So I was eager to know more about the campaign from MSF to lower the Pneumonia vaccines. It was really important especially for moms like me and... read more »


新人总会问,那我的流量来源怎么解决呢? 以下介绍一些流量来源的方式。付费广告太多,比如7Search, Google Ads等等,如果你每个都去放广告,那真是花不少钱,而且效果不会这么理想。所以最重要的一点就是,你应该选择一种广告方式,比如你在7Search创建了一个Campaign, 你就要测试,分析这个广告,然后优化它,直到它给你带来利益最大化。如果你东建一个campaign, 西建一个campaign,只是浪费钱,因为你没有这么多精力去分析多个广告。我把大家分为四类人。分为初学者,中级者,高级者和专家这四个等级,以下我会做一些解释。初学者:网络联盟对于初学者来说,所需要学的知识确实很多很难,一开始你肯定会浪费一些钱,当然如果我们可以控制浪费少量的钱,却学习到更多地知识也是值得的。对于初学者的建议就是,不要一次性选择太多的广告联盟,不要一次创建太多的campaign,应该专一对一个广告联盟和campaign, 然后对于这个广告进行分析优化。目前最简单地广告联盟就是7Search,非常适合初学者来操作。创建一个7Search 的Campaign 广告非常的容易,你只要充值$25元就可以开始了。他们也有... read more »

Jollibee brings back the iconic jingle “I Love ...

Growing up, I was really into fastfood especially Jollibee. Every commercials and every jingles is a must for me to watch. And what reminded me most of my childhood is the jingle, “I love  Sabado pati na din Linggo, hintay... The post Jollibee brings back the iconic jingle “I Love You Sabado” appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Check out Reebon'z for the #CheckIn2Win campaign

Everyone Is A Winner With Sure-Win Prizes Get on board to RM500,000 in prizes including 56 luxury product prizes when you shop online with Reebonz during the #CheckIn2Win campaign that will run from June 23rd to 30th. The campaign, hosted on Reebonz’ homepage, gives global participants the opportunity to win from unlimited prizes by selecting a seat on its simulated flight booking page.The campaign is a welcome surprise for luxury-focused consumers looking for the best offers of genuine handbags, sho... read more »

#KhushiyanChakhLo with Shan Foods – The Real, W...

Nothing else could be as sweet and salty as the latest Ad film by Shan Foods that has been introduced as a part of their Eid campaign. Shan Foods, one of the leading recipe mix brands in Pakistan, will now not only be remembered for producing all those spicy and delicious masalas being found on our kitchen shelves but the brand shall also be celebrated for introducing this awesome and emotionally packed TVC whose content has tugged at the heartstrings of its viewers. Living in an ad-age where our minds ... read more »

Pepsi #LightingUpLives for a Brighter Ramzan – ...

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ―Mary Anne Radmacher With the holy month of Ramzan soon dawning upon us, it’s that time of the year again whenPepsi Pakistanintroduces their new, heartwarming CSR campaign with a purpose of giving back to the society. Having a look at the content and the purpose behind this initiative, it can be safely said that Pepsi’sLiter of Light#LightingUpLives campaign has set a sterling example of contributing to the social good in a compel... read more »

Eat, Drink & Be Merry! - Are You the #AsalFoodi...

We all love food, don’t we? Be it some local roadside dhabba serving traditional cuisines or the newly-opened, fanciest restaurant in K-town, there’s nothing that stops us from setting off on the culinary chase and that’s what makes us foodies! But who knew that being a foodie could be so rewarding! The new 7Up #AsalFoodie campaign isn’t only about celebrating love for food but it’s also about cherishing yourself as a bona fide foodie by saying it loud and proud on your social profiles. Team 7Up is on a ... read more »

Sheriff Morgan on the "Super-Predator", Thug Co...

Since last week's video release from the Escambia County Sheriff to the black community, a number of comments have been raised. The video has gone viral. One has to question, why a man running for office would willingly go on camera and essentially dismiss a huge demographic that he would need to be re-elected? In doing some research, I went to Youtube and watched numerous publicly recorded speeches, interviews and press opportunities of the Honorable David Morgan for the last five years. I feel as if ... read more »

Positive Beauty Legacy I Want To Leave For My D...

March is Women's Month here in the Philippines(Proclamation No. 227,s 1998), celebrating the Women's Role in History Month, the observance of the greatestachievements by female who fought for equal rights from workplace,family and society.In this, a woman is given privilege in many ways in how she handle things on her on way, giving them power to govern what they want in their lives and how they can share their thoughts, ideas and attribution.Attribute their success to somethings they can change or somet... read more »

~ zara goes 70’s ~

Zaras Spring Campaign Is a Dreamy 70s Mood Board! More, after the jumper! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: 2015, 70's, campaign, Clothing, collection, inspiration, spring, summer, Zara read more »

Join the 100 Good Deeds #DeedADay Campaign with...

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored! Hi! Today I have a resolution for myself and maybe for you all as well! When New Year's Eve hits at 12 midnight, there is not a greater time to do a good deed not only for yourself but others too! It's always a great feeling to be helping others and be proud of yourself. So this campaign I have recently joined is called The 100 Good Deeds. It was created by two wonderful people, Thomas Morgan and Mary Fisher. Mary Fisher is anartist, author, and HIV/AIDs act... read more »

UNILAB Husay at Malasakit by A Stay Home Mom

It's been more than a year that Davao City was hit by a heavy flash flood. As far as I can recall there were no typhoons that time but sky was darker, winds blow very hard and rain keeps pouring down.I keep on monitoring the weather and by posting it through my Facebook account to keep others inform on what's going on within our city. The water level had already risen to more than 15 meters, more than 200 families has been evacuated from Barangay Matina Pangi, Matina Aplaya, Matina Crossing, Talomo and B... read more »

~ chanel cruise 2014-15 ~

Chanels upcoming Métiers d’Art would be shown in the Austrian city of Salzburg, where where Gabrielle Chanel designed the brand’s infamous little black jacket in the 50s, having been inspired by the uniform of a lift attendant in a Salzburg hotel. The question is if some traditional Austrian fashion will be thrown in. After all, [] read more »

Stylising E-Cigarettes Is Bad?

Hi. Recently a British television show on Channel 5 called "The Wright Stuff" (find out more about the show: spoke about a competition the E-cigarette company Vapestick (find out more about the company: is running to find a face for their E-cigarettes. They want to find a "Vapestick style icon". Now, I don't see anything wrong with this. I think it's great that they're encouraging the youth to use E-cigarettes as apposed to harmful to... read more »


I am probably sure most of you have heard about the Campaign Diana Opoti who is the host and producer of Designing Africa is doing. The 100 Days of African Fashion Campaign is about her promoting African Fashion brands through her own style. She gives people information about the designer, the brand and where to access the pieces. In her own words this is what she had to say "This is a personal challenge for me. I want consumers of fashion to understand that there isn’t one definition for what African Fa... read more »


Nike is a brand that we have all grown up seeing and loving. The vast amount of sneakers they have (which I actually love and pair with any of my fitting trousers to have an edgy look) always makes us fall in love with the brand each and everytime.Julia Noni, an Italian born photographer recently traveled to our beautiful City of Nairobi, Kenya to capture the vibrant style of our country’s elite runners for the Nike Free Global Campaign. The images are now at the solo exhibition “Run The Way You Were Mea... read more »

Campaign Static Banner Tupperware pada jaringan... Halo [email protected], Nama blog : ipung Alamat url blog : telah diberikan iklan static banner pay per click saat ini 2014-01-13 17:00:30 untuk campaign Tupperware Salam Sukses Selalu Terima Kasih Atas PerhatiannyaFiled under: Blogger read more »

The #sellG4toNERDIST, #sellG4toTWIT, #sellG4toR...

I visited and follow G4 rewind on twitter. Well I found this Twitter tweeter that they follow named osama bin goomba (I never thought Al Qeada and Nintendo could be combined like that). Who is trying Read more read more »

Check Out My Campaign

I am trying to raise money for new equipment and supplies check my campaign out thanks. read more »


Maraming pamilya pa po ang nangangailangan ng tulong. At may ilang lugar din na hanggang ngayon ay walang nakukuhang donasyon. Sa mga gustong mamahagi ng kahit konti ay magiging malaking tulong para sa mga nasalanta. Kung wala man kayong maibibigay, sa simpleng pag-share o re-blog ng post na ito ay tulong na rin upang makarating [] read more »

Tu ești mai frumoasă decât crezi!

Deși nu promovez acest brand de cosmetică, în niciun fel (și voi veni cu recomandări în acest sens în următoarele posturi), vreau doar să vă arăt acest videoclip. În viața mea am întâlnit atâtea femei frumoase, extrem de frumoase, dar ele se vedeau altfel. Eu am plâns. Și eu Recunosc Tu, draga femeie, ești iubire! [...] read more »

The Zombie Apocalypse is Here

Last night I listened to the vice-presidential debate on NPR while I made dinner and wished I was drinking. It was entertaining -- high energy, full of zingers and what was supposed to sound like substance. At one point my husband commented that it sounded like a brawl.Neither of us was motivated to actually watch the speakers.This morning the aftermath was about "who won." I heard Joe Biden say malarkeyand stuff, sounding like he had to try really hard to not drop an S-bomb on a vice-presidential debate... read more »

International Day for Mine Awareness

April 4 is International Day for Mine Awareness. For much of my life, I wasn't even aware of the existence of landmines, much less understand its dreadful consequences. Then in 2001, I just happened to connect with a US based Ugandan organization called People with Disabilities, which was looking for volunteer writers. I decided to join them. My involvement with People with Disabilities exposed to me the challenging, day-to-day existence in mine-infested Uganda. I researched, read, and wrote about di... read more »

Easisave TV commercial

This TV commercial was produced as part of a major national launch campaign for FIMBank's Easisave online savings product. The campaign also included radio, billboards, bus shelters, newspaper and magazine advertising and PR. The campaign was entrusted to the integrated communications agency, Media Consulta, with whom Mark Warner is head of creative. FIMBank is an international trade finance bank with its headquarters in Malta. FIMBank easisave from Carmel Bruno on Vimeo.Credits:Agency: Media Consu... read more »

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