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Finding Your Way Through the Darkness

When you are the end of your rope, tie a know and hold on. When you think you are at the end of your journey, reach out your hand and someone will meet you there. Emily Stroia, Into the Light  I know the darkness like an old friend who comes to haunt me when Continue reading Finding Your Way Through theDarkness read more »

Blogosfera | BlogUpp | A Melhor do Mundo.

Uma das maiores dificuldades para blogueiros sempre foi a escolha de uma boa blogosfera, pois as existentes atendem parte das necessidades, mas deixam a desejar em alguns quesitos. Uma boa blogosfera deve ser ágil na distribuição e seus motores de captura dos feeds devem ser rápidos e eficientes para localizar os feeds das postagens e imediatamente alimentar as redes sociais. Este serviço não deve ser burocrático, cheio de protocolos e cliques que obriguem o blogueiro a estar preso na plataforma da blogo... read more »

Blog ou Vlog? | Qual a Diferença? | Significados

O significado da palavra Blog é abreviação do termo inglês "Web Log" que traduzido para o Português significa "Diário Online". Os blogs surgiram para que os usuários pudessem contar suas aventuras diárias em uma página web, que no início era simples e acomodava apenas textos, mas com as atualizações elas ficaram mais dinâmicas e passaram a aceitar imagens também. Já o termo Vlog ou Vídeo Log que significa Vídeo Online são destinados á postagem de vídeos, ou seja imagens dinâmicas. As duas plataformas mai... read more »

Blog | O Que É e Para Que Serve?

A palavra Blog é derivada do Inglês Web Log ou em uma tradução aproximada para o Português, "Diário de Rede" e os blogs tinham a finalidade básica de um diário onde as pessoas utilizavam a página para postar suas histórias. No início eram feios e desprovidos dos recursos que hoje conhecemos. Não havia opções de mudanças de templates, editores poderosos e espaço para imagens como hoje. Comparado aos atuais eu diria que antes os blogs eram "pelados" e sem tempero, mas muita gente gostava, apesar de não ser... read more »

6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression

I hate it when people tell me to do something to take your mind off it when I talk about my down moments. However, as frustrating as it is, those people are right. Unlike those people who offer their closed-minded advice and opinions Becoming so engrossed in a hobby to the point that I can Continue reading "6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression" The post 6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression appeared first on I Bit The Piranha. read more »

Decision nephrologist

From a new one to a new one. From better to best. Today I went to see the nephrologist again.I was very stressed.I expected to see the nice woman, and it turned out to be a young man.So I asked him if she was changed into the male version. He looked puzzled and then smiled: 'she's on vacation'/'Oh, she should have planned her appointments better,' was my reaction, 'I'm very fed up with ever changing faces.'They don't know what is the matter.But the echo showed the right kidney is smaller than the other... read more »

Gone and back

So I did the urine collecting a week later.When I collected the containers I expected one with a liquid or powder and one without. But they were both without.The first day went OK, the second day my kidneys almost shut down, and as I didn't know if I could take a tablet to keep them going I took nothing. Maybe they can find the reason of the shutting down..Had to pee in a little pot too. Pity...just a few drops. I was afraid they would tell me in the hospital it was not enough, but the nurse didn't even ... read more »

My Blogging Dilemma

Hi everyone! I have a little bit of a dilemma in terms of my blog and I would really appreciate any advice or opinions you guys can offer. After all, youre all so wise and learned (see how Im buttering you up, eh? *hands you plate of chocolate chip cookies*). I began this blog four Continue reading My Blogging Dilemma read more »

Passchendaele 2017

When you died by the need to kill and disappeared for forever in the mud of war when you died a father, a partner, a son, a brother, and a dear friend, you were just gone and none even knew at the moment The hell created by others because the lives of you all are just part of a game of ego and false power took all you stood for and more And there you are a name on a wall, no grave but you left us far more You left us our future our new generations You gave us peace. © Syl Ple... read more »

So I try

Today I started to feel better.I'm sure it was due to all the well wishes ( ;)).My head was not as clouded and my muscles could deal with movement longer and with less pain and tiredness.I think the shock of being at stage 4 already and the realization that I have to choose for dialysis or refusing dialysis, and that it all means that when things won't improve I'm going to die sooner than later is fading.Refusing treatment is not an option.Dialysis at home is not an option. Not enough room for the machin... read more »

Admin problems -2-

The appointment for the heart echo arrived.It's scheduled at the same day as the visit to the cardiologist. So there won't be a written report available during the consultation.The health insurance was also present in the mailbox. It was agreed I would pay on their site, but I had to contact them again because there was no payment link.So I got the bill in the regular mail.Those people are very very sick!!!Well, at least I can pay and maybe then all issues will be finally solved. After precisely 6 months... read more »

...and I played calm.

People don't like to read blogs about depression, illness and pain, unless they suffer from the same.I know that, but I still write about my days, because I think it's important to give an insight what goes on, so people are able to help and support someone to feel better, or live through it too, knowing they're not alone.No news on the subject of the financial administration. I bugged the organisation that collects the rent to confirm receiving my mail, first by using the regular email account and then ... read more »

Entering the world of nephrology.

When you smile...there's something good in it, isn't it? I feel like I'm on a sliding slope.When I was in hospital waiting for the morning or death, I didn't feel like this at all.I had the feeling all was about attitude and inner peace. I got that. Didn't feel dependent on anything. Just being in the hands of life, of nature, and with the request to the nurses to place my bed under the trees and stars outside so I could die there, I was at rest.If I hadn't survived it would have been OK too.Now I feel ... read more »

Mistake in referral, and decision.

So I got the paperwork from hospital.In a hurry I have to collect urine during two days.Need to go to hospital to collect the containers,collect two days,bring them back, and get bloodwork done.When I make a mistake, like forgetting to collect, I have to start collecting again. So I have to go to hospital to fetch a new container.And then I have to sit for 30 minutes in a position I rarely take for longer than a minute, in a silent room, without reading or whatever, alone, and the blood pressure is taken... read more »

Time to call the hospital twice.

It took 31 minutes to 1. phone cardiology. I got an appointment, but only with the cardiologist, not for the echo.So either they had forgotten the echo, or the appointment was made as a reaction to the kidney tests. I wanted to know what was going on.It took quite a while waiting, but then the secretary had a peek in my files and said they'd forgotten to make an appointment for an echo. It was the 6-month appointment, not a reaction on the kidney problems. (Caused by heart-medication).The person who mak... read more »

Rindu Blog Ni

Assalamualaikum Owhhhh rindunya...Rindu sungguh...Dah lama sangat ni tak balik ke blog ni...Berbulan lamanya tinggalkan minat yang satu nie...Huhuhuhu...Last entry bulan Mac tempoh hari...Ni dah menjejak bulan Julai...4 bulan Kak Long tinggalkan blog nie... Maaf la pada semua pembaca setia blog...Itupun kalau ada lagi...Hihihihi...4 bulan Kak Long tinggalkan blog ni tanpa khabar berita...Masih ada lagi ke yang mengikuti perkembangan blog nie sepanjang tempoh 4 bulan nie...Jangan veranggggan sangat ye... read more »

No letter

I expected a letter from the hospital, but alas. Nothing. Not from cardiology, not from nephrology.The heartmedication I take is complete again. So my bloodpressure is within limits, but the pruritis has started again. The muscle weakness too.That indicates that the heartmedication is the main problem for my kidneys.I knew that already, but this is very clear evidence.It's strange that there is not another system used than letting a patient wait the whole waitinglist and then have a nephrologist see him ... read more »

And now.....wait

So our family doctor considered taking care of the kidney problems a matter of urgency.But the hospital?As far as I can see in the system it'll take 17 days before an appointment.17 days!!!!When waiting to be seen by the cardiologist the waiting time would have resulted in death wouldn't I not have been in hospital. I was lucky then.And now?To prevent problems I skipped part of my medication.The cardiologist told me not to do so. Last time he told me I was irresponsible, but I had to take action because ... read more »

My first reaction to CKD4

When my doc contacted me with the blood results I wasn't surprised.All the symptoms already made me think about kidney problems, but I didn't expect it to be as serious as the blood results suggest.I was surprised my doc didn't wait until the next day to contact the hospital. Within an hour I got confirmation that they had received his mail and I got a registration number.I'm still feeling disbelief, the alienation of a huge shock. Part because I thought to have enough time to make decisions. But when I ... read more »

Bad news: Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

This morning I felt horrible. I could hardly move around. I was dizzy, my muscles were very weak, there was some dull heeadache, brainfog,and a lot more was wrong.My blood pressure was OK, heart rate slightly higher than usual, and the saturation was changing from 94 to 98% and back.Reviewing everything I expected the problems due to the kidney insufficiencyI always had good kidneys until I started to experience the effects of the heart medication. Maybe by that time the consequences of the heartfailure ... read more »

My road

The other day i was talking with a friend and she said, when she heard that I was volunteering, while I in fact needed to take some rest: 'Hun, which road are you taking?'It made me think of a poem that was taught at school. I loved it so much, that I had it printed and put it on my desk.My gram and I often talked about traveling through life, that we have to take our own road and not do what others do.It has been my inspiration through life. Made me realize I have to stay the person I m, and stay true t... read more »

I hate my medication

When my heart gave up, I was turned into a pill eating machine.I know these clusters of chemicals keep me alive, but that doesn't mean I love them for it. Not at all.They take a lot of my time and attention. 4 times a day I have to remember to take them, if I want or not, regardless of the place or situation. I've learned to take them with a piece of bread or something like that, because water is not always available.It's not possible to take all boxes and pots with me, so I have to fill special boxes.So... read more »

How I Got My Start In Blogging

This is the second day of the blog challenge I have accepted. A suggestion to write about is how one got started doing niche or business. That is real easy for meto answer. I have always enjoyed writing. I first started writing on a website called Gather. I learned a lotfrom writers on Gather. I am still friends on Facebook and other writings websites with many of them. I still keep in contact from time to time. One day I wish to travel and meet my online friends. When Gather closed many of the members... read more »

Like he had to reinvent the world

Understanding a bit of dementia It's half a year now, since he left the house, and I'm still dealing with the peculiarities of his dementia.The 115 pairs of new socks have found a place, the enormous piles of blouses too. But I'm still dealing with the chaos he's created in the world of money.I tried to be polite and kind when stopping memberships he didn't need anymore.I've got plenty of bills over the past months of memberships he's told me he's stopped.I tied to explain the situation and most of them... read more »

2017 July Ultimate Blog Challenge

Photo from a free photo sharing website.I accepted a Blogging challenge to write a new post every day for the month of July. Even on the weekends when I mainly give up. Today July 1st is thevery first day of the blogging challenge. I signed up for the last challenge but was unable to complete it due to a personal issue that I have written a few posts about. It was something that affected me so much, I could not write. For the first time in my life, I had writer's block because I was feeling... read more »

What to do with birthdays?

It was so easy when the children were small. I just planned a birthday, with a cake, visitors, decorations and the whole lot, and whatever happened that day, the child was happy.When they were a bit older, they had wishes, ideas and dreams. A princes's birthday, no visitors, but cake at a railwaystation, a day in the swimmingpool with icecream, and fries at the skatinghall.We've went through it all. The privilege of a large family.In puberty some of them disappeared. Wanted to go to the movies with their... read more »

The re-examination

The government has decided that more people with special needs should get a job.So today my classic autistic son needed to be re-examined.The meeting was a combination of the present need for re-examination and a regular re-examination because his evaluation isn't right.A few years ago I went with him for his first evaluation. We were accompanied by a very handsome and friendly woman of a care-organisation.We expected he would be considered to be unable to work.But the doctor who evaluated his case didn'... read more »

Changing, changing, oh and changing.

I was trying to get things arranged for a whole list of meetings this week. Some days had two meetings at different places, an as I don't have a driver's license, I have to rely on the boys to drive me around.I'm OK with meetings, even though I tend to get bored after an hour or so, unless I'm the chairman or I can participate enough to keep my brains busy. :)But running from one to another... no please.So I was trying to get things sorted, so none of the boys would feel used, and I could be certain to g... read more »

More surprise-bills

My income is so low that I can't do anything extra. That's why I'm looking for a job at the age of 61, knowing that not even 3% of my age can get a job.When I got the small income I cancelled a lot of things: memberships, magazines, the local paper, educational stuff, etc etc.I didn't know the father of the children still had a library membership. But I know now: with a bill of 60 euro.None uses it.So I wrote the library a mail, explaining the situation, and they told me not to pay the bill, and they can... read more »

And we saw daughter 2, finally.

After a hectic day we dressed up and went to the ballet performances. Far too early, because we expected problems on the road.Celine Dion was about to give a concert that evening in a huge venue, and we had to drive on the road leading to the venue to reach the bridge near the academy.We thought traffic would come to a standstill, but it didn't. We had some slow traffic with people changing lanes without signalling it, but it was at the place where they were guiding all cars for the concert to the right,... read more »

Art & architecture

Quite some years ago my second son was a student at the dance academy.Often people could find me there participating in activities to improve either his school and the academy.It was a time of money and plans. and because I had some architecture courses at the university I was invited in the building commission, first of the school and soon after of the new to build academy.I enjoyed working for the school. The architect was an old man, with lots of knowledge and a good insight in what the school needed.... read more »

We only saw one of them!

The dance academy offers lots of opportunities for students to be creative, but there isn't enough tuition about the influence of their actions on the public.Most of the time it's about messy performances, chaos on the floor and completely not artistic issues.This time the decision was made to have a couple of performances at the same time and the public was supposed to walk between them.We got a very large leaflet, with lots of test, two schedules, one with a lot of text, and the message when we arrived... read more »

Heatwave 2017

We're dealing with a heatwave.And 'we' in a broad sense. Even in England the temperatures are at a high that is seldom seen.I believe London has its warmest day in 20 years.Here temps are above 30 degrees Celsius.I opened the door and it was like pushing against a wall and then someone pushing a pillow in my face.Laundry doesn't dry in the wind, it's steamed dry.The brambles dry before they become fruit, the red berries are already dark red and juicy and the clay is drying out and killing all new life in... read more »

Think pink!

Я из тех людей, кто всегда смущается, если меня снимают исподтишка. А еще, я очень критично отношусь к своим фотографиям и почти всегда себе не нравлюсь на фото и видео. Да уж, самокритичность зашкаливает :) И всё же, моя работа или хобби всегда так или иначе подразумевает нахождение в кадре. И, наверное, это прекрасный повод поработать над собой и подружиться наконец с камерой :) А как вы себя чувствуете, когда на вас нацелен объектив? ;) Stay tuned! You are very welcome! ;)? read more »

Now is a good time

Я считаю, у каждой девушки должны быть хотя бы одни дорогие, фирменные часы. А кроме них ещё много недорогих, прикольных под разное настроение и наряд. Одни из моих любимых - вот эти часики "Now is a good time" с голубым ремешком от Прекрасно работают и чудесно вписываются в повседневный образ, когда не нужно никуда спешить и есть время выпить кофе с подружкой. Часики можно найти здесь 💙 Stay tuned! You are very welcome! ;) read more »

A bicycle again

Finally I've got a working bicycle.One of my daughters doesn't need the one in the garden and she adjusted it for me.I was so happy that I planned visit to a friend nearby. And when I went, I forgot to take a present.The last time I used my former bicycle I could hardly turn the wheels, because something was wrong with the thing.Now I just went on my way, enjoying the ease of movement, and I only got tired legs when I was nearly at my friends.We had several hours with coffee, enjoying talking, the dogs a... read more »

Money, money, money....

'Money makes the world go round' Liza Minnelli sang in Cabaret.Yea... a lot of the world and of life turns around money.Finally the whole problem with the health insurance is resolved and I've got all the medication I paid for. What a relief!And then.... a blue envelope arrived.So that's the annual result of their accounting.I expected to get money back or nothing, but I didn't expect a bill of 193 Euro!My son did the admin over last year, next time I'll do it myself.I was trying to save a bit of money f... read more »

Did she just paint herself as a gossip?

Another meeting is over.Each month a volunteer organisation of our region meets to discuss all sorts of subjects.After a few meetings I started to get an insight in the ways people reacted, which opinions they have, and some other aspects of behaviour.Years of being a chairman of some very difficult meetings have brought some experience, I dare to say.Most people are easy to deal with. It' not a group of people that contains one or two non-speaking individuals. There is a good feeling of equality.. at le... read more »

New kitchentap

Finally...a new kitchen tap.I didn't enjoy the old one. It didn't close easily, the spout was too low and I didn't like the look. The thing didn't shine anymore soon after installation, and that bothered me too.When closing the tap became difficult last week, the only problem was when to fetch a new one.Well,,, we've got the new one.For the last year I said that when a certain tap of the Ikea would be in the sales I would buy it.But I didn't watch the sales....So I was quite surprised to find at the site... read more »

Volunteer work

What a way of starting the week!First I had to give a speech in front of a large audience room, with about 50 to 60 people.It's a part of the first session of 2 information days for people who have had heartsurgery and/or a heart attack.They get a lot of information in a few hours from the cardio-nurse, the cardiologist, me and the hospital-psychologist.Now the nurse knows me a bit, she trusts me more. But she still impresses me as looking down on the activities of our heart-organisation. During the next... read more »

Celebrating survival

Am I the only one? It's a few years ago, and a few days, that a kind cardiologist told me I might not make it through the night.All he could do was to give me all the medication he had, leave the protocols at the office, and hope. Resuscitation was not possible.It was more than 3 months later when he dared to show me the images of the MRI to explain how bad the situation had been.The first year family and friends expressed their gratitude that I still was alive, but now this new birthday of survival wa... read more »

Just for me

Today I wanted to exchange the wooden living room table with a black one, or maybe even two black ones.So I put one together, and saw it wasn't the right size for the room.When I decided for the black, we still had the deep couch standing in the room, but now, with the two chairs, we have more space and the black table seems to be more to be a black spot than a table.I sat down and suddenly it hit me that I didn't know what to do.Go through all the effort of exchanging the lot and then take my time to ge... read more »

A swift decision

Yesterday is in the past. Today is a new day, with lots of wind, the much needed rain, and more wind.It's like the garden grows a few cm each 10 minutes when I look outside. I love this weather, and I long to go to the beach. That's one of the reasons why I want to live near the beach. To struggle against wind and sand, and be caught in the sounds.Here I feel confined to my home, and I experience a bit of fear that the large tree in the garden might drop on the gardens of others.The magazine of the Heart... read more »

One of those days

It was one of those days again. Lots of plans and no energy at all.I've learned not to fight days like these. I tried, often enough, but it only ads to the problem, because it makes me feel miserable, failing, and I only see more things that need to be done.I was lucky. The temperature finally went down.For the next days wind and rain are expected.Even better: storm at the beach. I don't think it's possible to go there this week I don't have the cheap train tickets we use for that. Such a pity.But the we... read more »

Another day at Humber Airsofting.

The alarm went off at exactly 8 am this morning, I was already awake making a mental list of what I need.  I get up and have a coffee get dressed and Im out the door. I stop off at the local shop, grabbing some drink and some snack for the days airsofting ahead. I read more »

This world seems to be a bad movie, without a h...

Again London has suffered terrorist attacks on innocent people.I feel so sorry for all those people who just wanted to have a nice evening in town, and ended up in terror.At least one person died, 20 are injured. Three hospitals are on lock down.I saw a photo of a police woman. Her fear was flooding her eyes. To think that colleagues of Richard are caught in the middle of events, makes me freeze. It also makes me grateful Richard is safe with his family.The past years I've been thinking a lot about havin... read more »

Preparing for the game.

The time is now. Well, guys, tomorrows game will be the first time in a month that I have attended an airsofting skirmish. I am getting myself all prepared and making my self mentally ready for the game. When you dont go to a game for a while you become rusty and need to get yourself read more »

My healthinsurance is...a mess

Got a mail to tell me to expect a bill of the pharmacy of 800 euro.So I asked the pharmacy for a specification.Always do...always do.1. the first order was dated in such a way that the insurance has to pay.2. second order was paid at that very moment, as it wasn't an insured item.3. they packed for hundreds of euros in a bag, but we never fetched the bag and it wasn't brought to us with the delivery service.So the action of the pharmacy borders on fraud.I told the pharmacy and the insurance to get their ... read more »

Do you like the website ?

Hey guys, just a quick question If yes please let me know what you like and if no then do the same with an explanation. Thanks M.B. read more »

AA-IPSC What actually is it?

Ever wanted to be John Wick? Want to shoot like Jerry Miculek? Here is how. I touched on AA-IPSC on my last post, now I will explain what it actually is. AA-IPSC stands for Action read more »

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