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A bit of research and comparison before buying ...

Sponsored post. A little bit of research and it will help you with your car purchase. Researching about the car that you want to will give you lots of knowledge before visiting any car dealers in your place. Much more when you will compare from one dealer to another; that will be a wonderful thing [] read more »

Avantajele oferite cumpărătorului de maşini rec...

Pe piaţa auto din România există foarte multe autovehicule care au fost recuperate de către companiile de leasing de la clienţii care nu şi-au mai permis să le achite. Chiar dacă mare parte din... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »


Und manchmal möchte man einfach nur fahren. Still. Man möchte nicht reden oder auf irgendwelche Naturwüchse oder etwas Menschengemachtes zeigen, sondern nur fahren. Man will links und rechts und oben einsaugen und das glückliche Lächeln, weil man ist, weil man einfach nur ist, leuchtet vom Gesicht in die Welt hinein und macht sie schöner, noch [] read more »

Nicht immer gut gefahren, aber immer gut gelauf...

Heinz-Jürgen Bader bietet den Lesern in "Nicht immer gut gefahren - aber immer gut gelaufen" einen Einblick in einen kleinen Teil der DDR-Geschichte. read more »


Laut Klischee bin ich also ein Mann. Es sind mehrere männliche Attribute, die mich auszeichnen, aber nirgendwo wird es so deutlich wie beim Tanken und Autofahren. Schon mein Fahrlehrer sagte damals, ich würde sehr gut Autofahren, allerdings wäre ich immer einen Ticken zu schnell. Mittlerweile bin ich weiterhin zu zügig unterwegs, aber vorausschauend. Bremsen muss [] read more »

OpenWrt : Setting auto re-dial with pppoe

Reference: [] read more »

GM and Lyft Form Partnership

General Motors Co. and ride-hailing company Lyft Inc. have just formed an unprecedented partnership that could help them beat their rivals to the self-driving future and compete against their rivals.Lyft said last 4 January 2016 that GM invested US$ 500 million in the company as part of a round of a US$ 1 billion round of fund-raising.GM gets a seat on Lyft's board and access to the three-year-old company's software, which matches riders with drivers and automates payments. It also becomes a preferred ve... read more »

US Gov't. Will Sue VW

The U.S. government is suing Volkswagen over 600,000 vehicles with fraudulent emissions software, signaling it was unsatisfied with the German auto giant's proposed solutions.While the federal lawsuit filed in Detroit contained no new allegations, it opened a new legal front against VW, with the government now asking a judge to force the automaker to act or levy fines that could reach the tens of billions.VW has admitted it installed emissions software in 11 million vehicles worldwide that would sense wh... read more »

European Civic Going to America

Currently, the European Honda Civic is built at the Swindon factory, but sales in Europe have crashed. The factory can crank out 250,000 cars a year, the Nikkei reports, but output has been reduced to about 100,000 vehicles due to lack of demand.That's a bummer for Honda's European operations, but it's probably great news for North Americans. To prop up its British manufacturing business, Honda will import Civic hatchbacks (five-door models) to North America starting in 2016. That almost certainly includ... read more »

New Motorcycle Helmet Shows Promise

Motorcycle helmets have evolved over the years to lightweight, technological marvels of safety.According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. However, the design structures of the helmets have remained mostly unchanged for quite a while.Everyone still have four or five basic types, including the full face, open face or three-quarter, the half , and the modular helmets. ... read more »

What's In Store For Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

According to Jeff Perez of BoldRide, the Hyundai Genesis has proven to be a hit for the Korean automaker. So much so, in fact, that Hyundai is even going to spin off the Genesis luxury sedan into its own brand. The big followup question then becomes, "what does the future hold for the Genesis Coupe?"The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was never simply a two-door version of the refined four door. It is a model unto itself, and thus such a spinoff would allow the Coupe to grow in its own unique way. And according to... read more »

The Worst Car of the Year

What makes a car so bad that it is considered as one of the worst cars of 2015 bu Consumer Reports? An insufferably noisy cabin. A spine-jolting, kidney-quivering ride. Underwhelming fuel economy. Wobbly and vague handling.Some cars even manage to have all of those downsides. Those vehicles that are clearly deficient in multiple areas earn scores well below the norm for their class, but the worst in its class is no other than the Mitsubishi Mirage.The Mitsubishi Mirage lives up to its name. While its low... read more »

VW Cheating Confined To A Small Group

German automaker Volkswagen announced last 10 December that only a small group of employees was responsible for cheating U.S. diesel emissions tests and there was no indication board members were involved in the biggest business crisis in the carmaker's history.Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said investigations into the affair were going well, but the scandal was the result of a "chain of errors" and it would still take months to say which individuals were to blame.Europe's biggest motor manufacturer said ... read more »

Tesla's Auto-Pilot Becomes More Dangerous

Once Tesla rolled out its new Autopilot software a few weeks ago, it wasn't long before everyone started seeing videos of Model S owners engaging in some downright foolish and dangerous behavior. While its perfectly understandable that Model S owners would want to explore and test out the full range of options Tesla's autopilot software provides, it seems that many owners have forgotten that carelessly cruising around in a nearly 5,000 pound car can easily inflict a lot of damage if driven irresponsibly.... read more »

Unreleased Bugatti Sells for US$ 2.4 M

What's crazier than buying a US$ 2 million car? Buying a US$ 2 million car that you have not been able to see pictures of — let alone test-drive.Bugatti said last 30 December that it will unveil its new hypercar, called the Chiron, at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Despite the fact that there are no official pictures of the car, and no one has been able to test-drive it, the company has already received 100 orders for the car.That's especially impressive because while Bugatti has yet to announce a price... read more »

Con SaraFree paghi l'Rca in base ai chilometri ...

Oggi parliamo di assicurazione auto e di una bella occasione per risparmiare sull'RCA, soprattutto per chi, come me, usa poco l'auto! SaraFreeè la prima polizza autochilometrica con la quale paghi l’RCA in rapporto ai chilometri effettuati con la tua auto.La nuova SaraFree prevede un vantaggio economico legato al concetto di "pay per use" (paghi in base ai chilometri che fai) abbinato ad un’integrazione di sevizi di assistenza connessi all'utilizzo della black box: l’automobilista potrà ricevere assiste... read more »

Ford Made Deal to Bring Back Ranger

United Auto Workers (UAW) union leaders signed off on a tentative agreement with Ford last 9 November that would deliver US$ 10,000 in signing bonuses to every worker and US$ 9 billion in new U.S. product investments, retaining or creating 8,500 jobs.Now it is time for the members to vote.The new-product investments include a commitment by Ford to bring its Ranger midsize pickup back to America and to revive the storied Bronco nameplate. Both would be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant which will stop ... read more »

This Is How The New Honda Pick-up Looks Like

Some will see this as a race truck. Others will see the next midsize pickup truck from Honda.Honda has revealed what it's calling the Ridgeline Baja Race Truck at the SEMA aftermarket auto parts show. It's an off-roader meant for tackling the famous rutted race in Mexico. But it's also meant to offer a peek at the next Ridgeline pickup.And what a change it will be. The new design has a distinctive new hood and -- in the biggest change -- it adopts a more traditional pickup-truck design. That means the st... read more »

Subaru's Slip and Grip WRX STI Limited Edition

A few days ago, Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the motorsports division of Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan, announced that it will produce 400 limited-edition WRX STI compact sporty cars for consumers who want a race car-like feel and experience. The exclusive model can be ordered between 1 December 2015 and 6 March 2016.STI dubs the top-of-the line model the "S207." It is geared to be an ultimate road machine and will feature dynamic engine and suspension tuning and a distinctive exterior and interi... read more »

Ford's Voice Recognition in 17 Accents

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of languages and dialects in the world today that voice recognition has become a challenging option. From the distinctive twang of Scouse to the lilt of Bavarian German, voice recognition systems typically find it difficult to recognize words spoken in regional accents.This can prove particularly troublesome when using the technology while driving, so Ford has come up with a solution. The car maker has developed a voice-activated system which learns how a d... read more »

Why Tesla Cars a Hit in China

According to a recent study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, 1.6 million people a year or roughly 4,400 people a day die in China from air-pollution-related illnesses.Wealthy Chinese are becoming increasingly wary of the country's heavily polluted land, water, and air, and they're willing to spend to avoid it — by importing food and spending extended periods of time abroad or buying Tesla’s Model X crossover next year.Aside from being a show stopper, Model X party piece will be its ... read more »

The Smallest Camper

Acamper and a tricycle combo is something that everyone thinks is hard to develop, but it has been done .... conceptually.The Bufalino is basically the ultimate adventure trike for grownups who hit the open road — or prep for the zombie apocalypse. In addition to being adorable, it offers storage, a sleeping area, a mini-office (OK, a micro-mini-office), and even a sink and stove. (Bathroom sold separately.)Industrial design student Cornelius Comanns started with a classic Piaggio Ape 50 three-wheeled sc... read more »

Off-Roader Ready for Zombie Apocalyse

Terradyne is a Canadian company that specializes in building an armored, all-terrain vehicle dubbed Gurkha that’s so rugged it makes the Hummer H1 look cuter than a Toyota Yaris. The off-roader has traditionally been aimed at military forces and law enforcement officials all around the globe, but Terradyne is out to conquer new markets with a toned-down version of it designed for mere civilians.Appropriately christened Civilian Edition, the toned-down model is based on the Gurkha RPV. It looks like a mur... read more »

Safety First for BMX1

The second-generation X1 crossover moves from the rear-drive 3 Series sedan platform to a front-drive layout shared with the Mini Cooper hatchback. This packaging brings more cargo and cabin room, particularly for rear-seat passengers.Only one powertrain will be available at launch: a 2.0-liter, 228-hp four-cylinder turbo, mated to an eight-speed automatic. All-wheel-drive models will arrive first, with front-drive versions joining by the end of the year.Available safety systems include lane-departure an... read more »

BMW's M2 Coupé

The most recent addition to the list of BMW's ultra-performance range is actually focused on more speed and power but small on size.In fact, the M2 coupé, revealed at a special event last 13 October, live streamed via Periscope, will only take up about the same amount of room on the highway as a Volkswagen Golf GTi when it officially goes on sale next year.But unlike the iconic hot hatchback, the latest two-door BMW coupé won't simply hold the road, it will own it, thanks to a turbocharged six-cylinder e... read more »

Automotive- und IT-Netzwerke der Hauptstadtregi...

SIBB e.V. und abb e.V. unterzeichnen in Berlin Vereinbarung zur Zusammenarbeit. read more » – Größtes Einkaufsportal u...

Nutzen Sie jetzt das größte Shopping- und Vergleichsprogramm Deutschlands read more »

Il gigante buono, correre

Il gigante buono (correre). On the road nel bellunese 2015. read more »

Quatre roues old school

Source : The post Quatre roues old school appeared first on Le blog des Smootards Lurrons. read more »

Premiati con Ip Self e Servito!

IP premia i suoi clienti offrendo un programma royalty davvero speciale; si tratta diIP Premia SELF, un innovativo programma di fedeltà promosso dalla azienda petrolifera IP e rivolta a coloro che preferiscono il servizio SELF rispetto a quello SERVITO. Prima del rifornimento bisogna richiedere tramite l’accettatore automatico lo scontrino con il codice promozionale. Una volta ottenuto il codice, lo si inserisce sul sito web, tramite app Stazioni IP o via sms. Ogni rifornimento effettuato andrà ad in... read more »

Karcher ti rimborsa l' IVA

L’idropulitrice è una macchina che utilizza getti d’acqua ad alta pressione, costituita da un motore elettriche e collegata a pompe su tre pistoni che determina la pressione del getto. Kaercher offre gamme di idropulitrici che variano dalla K2 (entry level) alla K7(top di gamma e prestazioni). A seconda delle proprie esigenze è possibile scegliere tra la versione: Premium, dotata di avvolgi-tubo e innesto detergente plug’n’clean; Standard, non in possesso di avvolgi-tubo ma con prestazioni uguali alla ve... read more »

Smart FORTWO Black Passion: libera la tua vogli...

Sei un neopatentato? Hai voglia anche tu di guidare un' auto decisa, moderna e superequipaggiata? Non ci sono dubbi l' auto che cerchi è la nuova Smart fortwo Black Passion! Un piccola city car con Servosterzo, Clima, Cerchi in lega bicolore, tetto panorama, Tempomat e 5 airbag! Offerta Smart fortwo Black Passion Con la nuova Smart fortwo Black Passion puoi liberare la tua passione alla guida: puoi ascoltare la musica che ami con lo Smart Audio-System, parlare in vivavoce mentre guidi grazie alla con... read more »

UBER: guidare social

Uber è un'app per smartphone grazie alla quale la gente che ha bisogno di un passaggio può mettersi rapidamente in contatto con un autista. Fondata nel 2009, oggi Uber aiuta decine di migliaia di persone in tutto il mondo a guadagnare facendo gli autisti. Uber è attiva in più di 100 città sparse in tutto il mondo. In molte delle città coperte da Uber, i conducenti hanno la possibilità di utilizzare la propria auto per mettersi a disposizione, condividendo la corsa. Uber ti permette di organizzare la ... read more »

Smart fortwo BlackPassion: stilosa e versatile ...

Agilità elevata, raggio di sterzata ridotto, comfort e funzioni pratiche: la nuova smart fortwo si conferma una grande auto, in soli 2,69 m.Smart infatti ha lanciato sul mercato questo favoloso gioiellino:si tratta della Smart fortwo Black Passion,con Servosterzo, Clima, Cerchi in lega bicolore, Tetto panorama, Tempomat e 5 airbag è l’ideale per chi vuole avere sempre tutto a disposizione per le proprie esigenze senza dover rinunciare a nulla. Dentro il motore più piccolo, fuori un grande sportività. Co... read more »

"Ben arrivata mamma, il video della Ford B-max ...

Cosa c’è di più bello che sentire la mano di un bambino nella tua? Così piccola, soffice e calda, come un gattino che si raggomitola tra le tue braccia.Eh si, diventare mamma è la cosa più bella del mondo. Dopo aver passato 9 mesi finalmente vedi la faccia del tuo bambino e inizi a conoscerlo bene. Ford ha deciso di rendere omaggio a tutte le mamme con un video "Ben arrivata mamma" che racconta la storia di 7 donne (Ombretta, Danila, Jennifer, Alessia, Laura, Carlotta, Maura) che hanno scelto di diventar... read more »


O SEAT Leon Eurocup 2015 já começou!   Não perca a oportunidade de assistir a esta prova no Autódromo do Estoril nos dias 9 e 10 de maio. Venha torcer pelos pilotos portugueses, o... Isto é um resumo do Post. Veja o Post completo, e mais, no Blog sportALL ( read more »

Dacia celebra Sports Day

Ciao, si parla di #sport! La Dacia in collaborazione all' Udinese Calcio, vuole dare spazio agli sport e alle squadre che fanno grandi risultati ma hanno piccole risorse. Dacia Sponsor Day è il concorso che fa vincere a tre squadre dilettantistiche e professionistiche la visibilità di una squadra di calcio di Serie A. Dacia che dal 2008 è sponsor dell'Udinese Calcio, condividendo gli stessi ideali e mission, quali la filosofia di vita, la sempre ricerca di un contatto diretto umano e la qualità e mig... read more »

Rücktritt nur bei erheblichem Mangel

Der Rücktritt vom Kaufvertrag kann nur bei einem erheblichen Mangel ausgesprochen werden - BGH vom 28.05.2014, VIII ZR 94/13 read more »

Massive Car Pile-Up in South Korea

A massive car pile-up occurred last 11 February 2015 that killed two people and left at least 42 injured on a bridge near the Incheon International Airport, South Korean officials said.More than a hundred vehicle were damaged, while eight of the people who were rescued were seriously hurt and the number of the injured could increase, according to Byeon Tae-u of the Incheon Fire and Safety Management Department.Kim Seong-han, an official from the Incheon Seobu Police Station, said emergency workers have y... read more »

Auctioning Classic Cars in France

A treasure trove of extremely rare classic cars, discovered on a farm in western France in 2014 after lying forgotten for almost 50 years, is expected to fetch 16 million euros (US$ 18 million) at auction on 6 February 2015.The cars, described as "sleeping beauties" by the Artcurial auction house, will be sold in the state they were found, some rusted and weather-beaten, having been kept in makeshift shelters exposed to the elements.The 60 classic gems, bearing legendary names like Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza... read more »

Stay Away From Overloaded Trucks

If you see an overloaded truck, stay well away from it. It is a moving accident waiting to happen.This video below is an example of that. It has popularly circulated around the web and it came from Thailand.The clip clearly shows ho a small truck is so ridiculously overloaded that you will probably ask yourself "what the hell were they thinking?" And, how did they think it would end any other way that on its side?Luckily, it appears that nobody got hurt from this but what’s apparent is that the group on ... read more »

Dangerous Honda Car Airbags

Do you know that car airbags can kill you? If you don't believe this statement, then ask car manufacturer Honda.The Japanese company just released a statement saying that an exploding airbag in one of its cars killed a woman in Malaysia, bringing to five the number of deaths linked to a defect in parts made by embattled Japanese supplier Takata.The previous four cases happened in the United States, but Honda said another woman died in a July 2014 crash after the rupture of a Takata-made airbag."An airbag... read more »

707 HP Under the Hood

If you want some attention and excitement in the new year, then you may want to try the newest Dodge Challenger — the one with a 707-horsepower, supercharged Hemi V-8 under the hood.Popular Mechanics magazine calls the top-of-the-line, new-for 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat the "wildest muscle car Detroit (has) ever built" and named it "Best Muscle Car" for 2015.With a 0-to-60-mph time of just 3.7 seconds and a quarter-mile time of only 11.2 seconds, the Challenger SRT Hellcat is among the fastest productio... read more »

Infinity Targets Chinese Market

Infinite, a Japanese carmaker is on an ambitious and highly aggressive expansion plan that aims to grow its sales fivefold by 2020. And they enlisted China to help them achieve this.The new Infiniti QX30 (think of it as a rival to the Lexus NX) has just been launched and the Chinese are the first in the world to see it. The car’s global launch is being held at the Guangzhou motor show.Infiniti views China as a crucial market. The company saw its sales jump 85 percent from January to October this year (ve... read more »

Honda's 300th Million Motorcycle

Japanese automotive giant Honda has just built its 300 millionth motorcycle, crossing a milestone that few automakers have reached.The historic bike produced at its Kumamoto Factory in Japan was a top-of-the-line Gold Wing, which has a 1.8-liter engine and sells for over US$ 24,000 - a far cry from the humble 98cc Dream Type-D that kicked off production in 1949.It took the company nearly two decades to build its 10 millionth motorcycle in 1968, but only five more to reach 20 million in 1973, and things j... read more »

Is Chrysler Going Away?

One of the iconic symbols of America's auto industry is disappearing. But could this mean that the company is trying to go away as well or just in a transition period for a much better marketing strategy?Chrysler - which was bought outright by Italy’s Fiat at the beginning of the year - is getting rid of its more than 50-year-old "pentastar" logo. It’s being replaced by the stylized letters “F-C-A,” which stands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCAU), the name of the combined carmaker, which began trading ... read more »

Peugeot's Quartz Innovation

When you have been to the Paris Motorshow of 2014, then you would have not missed some of the groundbreaking debuts, which shocked the automotive world. One particular spicy innovation came from Peugeot when they unveiled the new Quartz concept SUV.The Quartz envisions a production-ready, high-performance SUV for Peugeot in the near future and it combines the best of both worlds – where it features a striking SUV bodyshell with a saloon-based interior. Cosmetically, the Quartz comes with full LED front a... read more »


AZ AUTO SHOW HIGHLIGHTS!!! Thanksgiving in Phoenix is traditionally turkey, dressing, dessert and cars. Cars? Yes, the annual Arizona International Auto Show The post AZ AUTO SHOW HIGHLIGHTS!!! appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

What is a Maserati Ghibli for?

After the controversial mauling of a hapless traffic enforcer by a rich sports car driver, the Maserati cars are now in the limelight. But what is this road machine really is and what it is intended for?The Maserati Ghibli is tasked with massively increasing the volume of cars the Italian firm sells a year, targeting 50,000 sales by 2015. Just under five metres in length, the Ghibli is designed to compete with rivals like the Mercedes CLS and BMW 6-series Gran Coupe and has the option of a diesel engine ... read more »

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