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New Blog -

content discovered on Friday, February 28, 2014 in

From now on you will find me on :) I am looking forward to seeing you on my new blog! xoxo este locul în care vă aștept să îmi citiți noile articole :)

The Masculine Coat

content discovered on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 in beanie black coat cat eyes chelsea boots masculine coat masculine style oversized coat red zara

When having to pick my outfit, the first thing I have in my mind is what masculine item to add to it. I am not a very girlish person in terms of fashion, I prefer to dress more like a boy if it means coziness. Boyfriend jeans, simple tees, blazers, oversized coats - these are the most common clothes in my wardrobe. Of course, every outfit has to get my personal touch of femininity, in this one I chose to put on my favourite lipstick. However, in order to not look like a man, there shall be a balance ...

Health in a jar: walnut spinach smoothie

I come with a suggestion for all of you who want to eat healthy and keep lively and strong: the walnut spinach smoothie. I must say it is not my original recipe, it is a derived one from my favourite blogger - Mija. Being passionate about sport and trying to live a healthy life, I always eat smoothies, all combinations are welcomed. I try to mix all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts and find the tastiest ones. This one doesn't look very nice indeed, but I must tell you it is delicious. Talking abou...

Too many boyfriends?

You can call it obsession, but I'm ok with it ;) Always girls feel they don't have enough shoes, but there are times when girls like me feel they don't have enough boyfriends...and I am talking about jeans. Don't rush to judge them and call this superficiality. When you are passionate about something, do it more and keep doing it better. As Mr. Yves Saint Laurent used to say, „dressing is a way of life”, I feel that this collection of boyfriend jeans help me deal with everyday outfits and stand out fro...

You are the answer to your happiness!

content discovered on Saturday, January 25, 2014 in

You are the answer to your happiness, but you can also be the answer to someone else's happiness ;) Think about it! Be happy and make other people happy! Laughter is the cure for everyhing, so lets laugh a bit more! :D So do it today, tomorrow may be too late, or illegal :P Don't waste your time waiting for the perfect moment, it's in vain, take today and make the best out of it! This is the power of your mind. Think positive and stay true to yourself, then you will have everything. Everyday ...

The FUNKy way

content discovered on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 in

It feels so good to be back on blog :) Still there are some projects on my list, I will hopefully finish them by the end of the month :-D This pictures are all about my new t-shirt; got it on sales from NY. I was always into this white tees with simple messages or quotes and since I am very passionate about funk music, funky clothes, I thought this one would fit me best :) I couldn't feel more confident with this t-shirt on! My everyday boots and the new coat completed the look. Shall not forget abo...

Docs and Boyfriends

content discovered on Friday, January 17, 2014 in

It's been quite a long time since my last post and I am sorry for that. I'm going through a busy period and I don't seem to find my time to shoot and post. I hope to be back on track soon :) I somehow managed to take some photos with one of my favourite outfits, a grungy one. Thanks to this friendly winter (I'd say it is more like an early spring or late autumn, but never winter) I was able to wear my ripped boyfriend jeans again. The docs are the only shoes in my wardrobe right now, they match my ever...

January Inspiration

content discovered on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 in

It is time for new ideas, new inspiration. It is about a fresh start. Take a look and get inspired by these lovely street style picures ;) E timpul pentru idei noi, inspirație nouă. E vorba de un nou început. Aruncă o privire și lasă-te inspirat de moda străzii ;) Pics: Vogue UK, Lovely Pepa, See Jane, Le Blog de Betty, Tickle Your Fancy, Fashion Vibe, The Rubber Doll, They All Hate Us

First post of 2014: Yellow Grey All The Way

content discovered on Friday, January 3, 2014 in

Hello to you, 2014! This is the first post of this new and fabulous-to-be year. I am super excited about the new beginning, I wish this warmth we feel these days to last, the happiness around to catch us all, the snow in the mountains to stay still until spring, the days off to be more numerous, the smiles on our faces to be more natural, the number of our friends to increase, the fun times to multiply, the bad things to disappear and the luck to be around every corner :) And I wish you more, more fro...

Best of 2013

content discovered on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 in

This was my year, with all its goods and bads :) I wish you all a prosperous 2014 with more accomplishments! Feel free to do whatever you want and don't be afraid to make mistakes ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR! Acesta a fost 2013-le meu, cu toate bunele și relele :) Sunt mândră de toate și mă bucur că am trecut prin atâtea experiențe. Vă doresc un an prosper, cu multe realizări! Nu ezitați să faceți ceea ce vă place și niciodată să nu vă temeți de greșeli, din acestea înveți cel mai bine ;) LA MULȚI ANI! ...

Last Days of 2013

content discovered on Sunday, December 29, 2013 in

Here we are again, celebrating the last days of another great year :) 2013 was a really good one for me, so for the next one I wish you all to achieve your goals, to live your lives to the fullest, to enjoy every moment of the day and to give the best of yourselves in everyhting :) Set your target, believe in yourself and keep working until you reach it! Have a flourishing 2014! I wore a black outfit with a touch of colour thanks to my new pair of black-burgundy pants from Santa :) Iată-ne iar ai...

Red Christmas

content discovered on Thursday, December 26, 2013 in

I can feel this happiness all around me <3 Christmas is about loving, sharing and accepting, everyone and everything. We shall do it always, we shall live with these feelings in our hearts forever. Simt fericirea pretutindeni. De Crăciun iubim, împărțim, acceptăm, pe oricine și orice. Ar trebui să facem asta tot timpul, să trăim cu aceste sentimente veșnic în sufletele noastre. Haideți să fim mai buni, să învățăm asta acum și să continuăm așa :) Dress, Necklace, Shoes: HM

Un Crăciun de poveste în straie populare

content discovered on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 in

Crăciun fericit, dragilor! Să aveți parte de sărbători călduroase în sânul familiei, înconjurați de iubire și lumină! Pentru mine, Crăciunul este cea mai frumoasă sărbătoare, iar serbarea din Ajun este întotdeauna îmbrăcată în straie de sărbătoare. Anul acesta am colindat în costume populare, iar eu am fost mândră să port, pentru prima dată, moștenirea străbunicii - întregul costum. Cu fota de mireasă, marama călduroasă și ia pe care o îmbrac cu drag de fiecare dată, în sunet de colinde, am simțit cu ...

Touches of Blue

content discovered on Monday, December 23, 2013 in

Out and about with black basic items, the new black and white coat and some blue touches. La ceas de seară într-o ținută confortabilă; accente albastre într-o abordare alb-negru pentru temperaturi prietenoase de iarnă. Coat: Sheinside Pants : HM Sweater: Zara Boots: Dr. Martens Beanie: New Yorker Bag: Celine Trapeze Replica

Introducing: The B&W Coat

content discovered on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 in

Permit me to introduce the new black and white coat I've recieved from Sheinside. It is highly practical because it goes both with elegant and casual items. Even though it is quite light, it keeps me warm during this period with few degrees under zero. It is so easy to choose your daily clothes when having this basic piece in your wardrobe. Permiteți-mi să introduc noua jachetă alb-negru primită de la Sheinside. Este foarte practică întrucât merge foarte bine atât cu piese elegante cât și casual. Ch...

How to wear: winter leggings

content discovered on Monday, December 16, 2013 in

I am not used to wearing leggings, I only wear them at the gym. That was my idea of leggings, always. But this pair is different. Besides being a very nice present from a good friend, I find them very stylish combined with my new docs and a varsity jacket. They are simply perfect for this weather, not to mention their cosiness :) However, there is a rule for wearing this item: always, always, always wear them with a long top/sweater/jacket. În viața de zi cu zi nu sunt obișnuită să port colanți. Purab...

Dr. Martens on my feet

content discovered on Thursday, December 12, 2013 in

Here's the first post with my beloved Doc Martens boots. I finally recieved them. I know they look pretty masculine and stiff, but they are quite comfy and can be worn whenever, especially in winter thanks to its outsole. This is one of my favourite outfits, grungy style, still feminine but with this masculine touch. Au sosit, în sfârșit! Sunt primii mei bocanci Dr. Martens, premiu câștigat cu Blogal Initiative; visam la ei demult, făcusem o adevărată pasiune pentru modelul nemuritor de Docs. Au un as...

Inspiration: Sweater Love

content discovered on Monday, December 9, 2013 in

It's time to wear warm and cosy items. Sweaters are the best choice, there are so many styles and patterns to choose from. I made a selection for you, I picked some items that can be worn with almost everything, they suit every style. Feel free to wear a Stella McCartney jumper (or a similar one) with a pair of jeans and your favourite boots for the day and with a skirt and heels for the evening. If I had to choose I would totally pick the simple large ones, they're so easy to combine. E timpul pentru...

Camel Coat on Saturday

content discovered on Saturday, December 7, 2013 in

So, I chose for this sunny Saturday my favourite camel coat from HM. I opted for a matching pair of boots and my everyday bag, a black roomy one. It is quite cold outside, that's why I always wear a warm sweater. Say yes to a simple, comfy outfit for the weekend ;) Am ales pentru această zi însorită de sâmbătă paltonul camel de la HM. Am optat pentru o pereche de bocanci în ton cu piesa de bază și o geantă neagră încăpătoare, potrivită la orice ținută. Mai nou este accesoriul de care nu mă despart...

Birthday Time

content discovered on Wednesday, December 4, 2013 in

Ora 22, acum 22 de ani veneam pe lume...mare bucurie am fost și mare bucurie sunt pentru familia mea. Asta susțin ei și mi-o dovedesc cu fiecare ocazie. Sunt fericită să fiu înconjurată de oameni minunați, fie că sunt părinți, frați, bunici, rude, prieteni, cunoștințe. Azi am primit o mulțime de mesaje aniversare, gânduri bune, urări care mi-au ajuns la suflet, poze și amintiri care m-au făcut să zâmbesc toată ziua; mă bucur să le citesc, mă bucur să văd sinceritatea din ele, să-mi imaginez zâmbetul de p...

Inspiration: Casual Tuesday

content discovered on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 in

Weekdays, for me they always have to be casual, whether I go to classes or go out and about in the city. I do not generally wear heels, but when I do I try to keep a cosy outfit. I love boyfriend jeans, boyfriend coats, boyfriend shirts and Dr. Martens boots :) It would totally look like a men's outfit if you just put these clothes on, but you have to get the perfect sizes, textures and don't forget to put on your attitude; your womanhood will show up immediately :) I picked up for you some inspiration...

La mulți ani, dragă Românie!

content discovered on Sunday, December 1, 2013 in

În primul rând, vreau să îmi cer scuze vouă, dragii mei cititori, pentru întârzierea postărilor; nu mi-am dorit niciodată să am o pauză de o săptămână de scris. Întotdeauna se găsesc scuze, recunosc că ale mele sunt întemeiate. După mai bine de 1000 de kilometri în nici șapte zile și puțin somn, mi-am găsit și eu timp și dedicare pentru o postare :) Îmi e drag să împart cu voi aceste fotografii, sunt mândră să-mi port ia preferată, moștenire de la străbunica, într-o zi cu atâta însemnătate. Și ce buc...

It's a hats' world for me

content discovered on Saturday, November 23, 2013 in

Here are some of my hat outfits. It is an addiction for me, I admit it :) Which one is your favourite? E doar o parte din întreaga colecție de ținute cu pălării; deja a devenit dependență, recunosc :) Care este preferata voastră? P.S. I bought another one yesterday :) Mi-am mai cumpărat una ieri :)

In Spirit Golden

content discovered on Thursday, November 21, 2013 in

But underneath we are goldenHold them, we made themOur hearts beat, control themThey're too fast... (I Blame Coco - In spirit golden) How I love this song! Every song of Eliot Sumner (known as I Blame Coco, the daughter of Sting) gives me such great vibes, I love her style and her music, her masculine look and the british accent, the tartan items she wears and her simplicity in the end. She's so genuine and casual all the time. Back to my outfit, I chose these golden pants in the spirit of this song...

Neighbourhood Streets

content discovered on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in

With my big hat on and my new cat-eyes glasses I went out in the neighbourhood. I really like this place, the streets, the tranquility, the background. It was nothing more than just a peaceful Sunday walk, enjoying the last friendly temperatures and the happiness around. Cu pălăria pe cap și noii ochelari de „pisică” am ieșit în cartier pentru o câteva poze. Chiar îmi place locul acesta, străzile, liniștea, priveliștea, totul pare senin, familiar. Am simțit bucuria simplă de a te plimba într-o după-a...

Inspiration: Hats & Beanies

content discovered on Sunday, November 17, 2013 in

As you all probably know I am quite obsessed with hats and beanies. This season is all about covering your head and I can't be happier than that. Enjoy some inspirational pictures with these great accessories :) După cum probabil știți cu toții, am o mare pasiune pentru pălării și căciuli. Sezonul acesta este vorba despre grijă; o grijă care trebuie să înceapă de la acoperirea extremităților, căci de acolo începe să ne fie frig :) Nu pot fi mai fericită de atât, de acum încolo fiecare ținută va con...

Dr. Martens și bocancii lui nemuritori

content discovered on Friday, November 15, 2013 in

Am o pasiune pentru acești bocanci. De ce? Pentru că sunt ageless și îi pot purta la aproape orice ținută. Mi-i imaginez până și cu rochia de banchet, cu tul și pietre; e un stil nonconformist, iar mie îmi aduce aminte de Avril Lavigne și de nenumăratele sesiuni foto de la începutul carierei. Poartă-i cu o pereche de pantaloni scurți (noul model purtat deseori de bloggerițe: skort-ul) și cu o geacă moto la care să adaugi o pălărie din fetru și o geantă poștaș, ziua ta va fi altfel; pe lângă comoditate...

Black is such a happy colour Part 2

content discovered on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 in

It's not about your brand clothes, it's all about your attitude and the way you combine what you wear. I always think this way. Wearing an all black outfit is always a good idea; true, but you also have to work on your style, the way you walk, the way you present your clothes. Non vestimentum virum ornat, sed vir vestimentum. It is so true that not the clothes make the man but the opposite. And here is your work! Be self-confident, strong and don't care about what others say. Wear your items the way...

The Little Red Riding Hood without the Hood :)

content discovered on Sunday, November 10, 2013 in

Hello there my dear readers :) It's been a while... Sorry for my lack of posting. The only thing I did these days was to enjoy this endless autumn with late summer temperatures...It feels so good to be kissed by the sun in November. I wanted to salute this world with my red suit; I've fallen in love with this colour lately, it fits my hair and my mood. And most important, it gives me such a good vibe :) Vă salut, dragilor! A trecut ceva vreme de când nu am mai postat... Singurul lucru pe care l-am...

Stil și personalitate de blogger

content discovered on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in

În calitate de fashion blogger dispun de anumite „trăsături” printre care, cred că cea mai puternică, dependența de pantofi. O fi asta o calitate? Eu zic că da, ținând cont de implicarea în alegerea ținutelor de zi cu zi în care pun un mare accent pe încălțăminte. O pereche de pantofi poate schimba întregul look, iar în cazul meu - o pereche de pantofi îmi face ziua mai frumoasă. Consider că parfumul și pantofii sunt accesoriile de bază ale unei femei. Unii o numesc implicare sentimentală, alții depend...

Yes I am a shoe-aholic :)

content discovered on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in

În calitate de fashion blogger dispun de anumite „calități” printre care, cred că cea mai importantă, dependența de pantofi. O fi asta o calitate? Eu zic că da ținând cont de implicarea în alegerea ținutelor de zi cu zi, cu mare accent pe încălțăminte. O pereche de pantofi poate schimba întregul look. Consider că parfumul și pantofii sunt accesoriile de bază ale unei femei.Unii o numesc implicare sentimentală, alții dependență, eu o numesc dragoste involuntară. Fiecare pereche are povestea ei; fiecare a...

Tartan love

content discovered on Monday, November 4, 2013 in

And here you have the post with my latest purchase. It is one of my favourite shots, I simply love the colours in these pictures; tartan is the newest love in terms of fashion. It's autumn outside, a colourful season, warm weather and so many ideas of ”how to dress today” :) I chose to wear this new skirt with a message tee and a baseball jacket , all in black; my lovely hat and my favourite bag were the basic accessories. Noua achizie este în sfârșit aici, pe blog :) Este una din ședințele mele f...

Inspiration: Midi Skirt

content discovered on Friday, November 1, 2013 in

This new trend has become one of my favourites :) I got a tartan midi skirt and I can't wait to wear it. These are some pictures that got my attention. Enjoy :) Noul trend al fustei midi a-nceput să-mi placă mult. Mi-am cumpărat și eu o fustă tartan în genul acesta; de abia aștept să o port și să realizez o postare în jurul ei. Am ales câteva poze care pe mine mă inspiră în combinarea acestei ultime achiziții :) Photos: thefashionfraction, collagevintage, theyallhateus, leblogdebetty, maddinka, b...

Pink Floyd and The Wall

content discovered on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 in

I am going old school :) I guess you remember this wall, it is my favourite background and I feel that sometime in the future this will become RMLB's trademark :)) It is such a good spot for shootings and until now I didn't find another place to expose my outfits better than this one :) So, I guess I'll stick around here for a while longer. In order to fit better in the background I chose to wear the legendary rock t-shirt of Pink Floyd while singing in my head All in all it's just another brick in th...

Yummy smoothie

content discovered on Monday, October 28, 2013 in

I guess this is the best smoothie I've ever tried. I am proud to say that this is my idea, I didn't search on the internet in order to do it; I wanted something healthy, energizing and easy-to-do. Because it was a 1 minute decision, I looked up in the pantry to see what I have there and so I came up with this idea of blueberry coconut smoothie. I knew I had some blueberries in the freezer :) Thanks granny for the stock :) So, if you want something good in the morning, try this one, I undoubtedly recomm...


content discovered on Saturday, October 26, 2013 in

Sometimes I have no imagination; I feel empty, but in a good way. It is that moment when you don't want to think of anything around, when you just don't care about all the nonseses. It is very important for our personal development to free our mind once in a while. People nowadays are stressed about tomorrow, sick of today's life and so on. In order to live happily and to accept whatever's going on (indeed it is not simple at all) we have to work with ourselves, the idea is to clear the mind by finding...

Black is such a happy colour

content discovered on Thursday, October 24, 2013 in

Windy day, black outfit and a happy colourful city :) Black is stylish, black is slim, black is elegant, black is everything. I simply love wearing a total black outfit :) O zi cu vânt, o ținută neagră și un oraș colorat și fericit :) Am ales să port negru; da, negrul este șic, suplu, elegant, negrul este totul. Pur și simplu îmi place să port o ținută all-black :) Jeans, Vest: HM, Sweater: Zara, Shoes: Deichmann

Autumn Sun

content discovered on Monday, October 21, 2013 in

Home sweet home :) It feels so good to be back in my beautiful city. I really missed it; still I want to escape again, somewhere in the middle of Europe. Life is just beautiful! E atât de bine acasă, în orașul meu natal. Mi-a fost atât de dor de el; totuși de abia aștept să evadez din nou, de data aceasta undeva în mijlocul Europei. Viața e pur și simplu frumoasă! Leather Jacket: Zara, Sweater: Massimo Dutti, Ripped Jeans: HM, Tee: COS, Scarf: Bershka, Bag: Celine Trapeze Replica, Shoes: Converse

Inspiration: Leather Autumn

content discovered on Friday, October 18, 2013 in

Here are some of my favourite inspirational photos for this autumn/winter season. I admit it, I am a leather fan :) A leather jacket is always a good choice whether you dress casual or formal. Also, a pair of leather pants is a must this season, they are cosy and keep you warm. Talking about shoes, leather boots are definitely a good investment; it is important to have warm feet when the temperatures are decreasing. Keep in mind, too much is too much; do not wear a head to toe leather outfit, you wi...

Blue Jeans, White Shirt

content discovered on Monday, October 14, 2013 in

This would be my favourite outfit. It's simple and comfy; the one that inspires me most in choosing this kind of outfits is Elle Ferguson. Boyfriend ripped jeans, simple tees, men blazers, black boots and statement bags - these are the essential items in her wardrobe. Blue jeans and a white shirt is always a good idea. But in my case these blue jeans have to be different and, in the end, the entire outfit (clothes, mark posture) has to reveal my personality. Aceasta ar fi ținuta mea preferată. Simplu ...

Red Ideas

content discovered on Sunday, October 13, 2013 in

A casual outfit for today, a sunny Sunday in Cluj Napoca :) As I mentioned in the earlier post, I am crazy about this new trend with checkered shirts; this time I decided to wear it on bottom. Red is this autumn's favourite colour and a pair of red jeans is such a good idea for the warm days of October. My new favourite bag is a Celine Trapeze Replica, I found this beautiful item in Greece and it was love at first sight! O ținută casual pentru o duminică însorită în Cluj Napoca :) Trendul cămășii ...

Inspiration: Checkered Shirt

content discovered on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in

New love: the checkered shirt, worn on top or on bottom :) Noua dragoste în materie de modă: cămașa în carouri, purtată ori în partea de sus ori în partea de jos :) Pics: songofstyle, vanillajungle, theyalhateus, fashionvibe, thestunninglook, ridingmylovelybike

Happy Birthday, lovely blog :)

content discovered on Monday, October 7, 2013 in

Hello my lovely readers! We are turning 1 today :) One year ago I decided to open this blog; I am so happy with this decision, in the past 365 days so many things have happened; I've been travelling a lot, made so many friends and met very interesting people. I started to be more positive, more in love with life; I learned so many things about fashion, about society; I finished my bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and started a master's degree in Advertising. And I am so happy with my life, ...

Moments in life

content discovered on Sunday, October 6, 2013 in

Vin momente în viață când trebuie să ai grijă de cei dragi și să te dedici cu totul. Sunt acele clipe când nu mai ai timp de tine, ai ochi doar pentru cel/cei pentru care faci asta. E un efort, dar dacă o faci din suflet e mai ușor de suportat. Acum am aflat și eu ce înseamnă să ai cu adevărat grijă de cineva. Sunt la Cluj de ceva timp, spitalul e a doua casă de aici; eu îmi fac datoria, mă pot numi o nepoată adevărată cum ar spune bunica. De ea am grijă. În momentele acestea realizezi cât de important...

My Beautiful Summer

content discovered on Sunday, September 29, 2013 in

Retrospectiva verii :) De obicei nu postez „vechituri”, îmi place să susțin sus și tare că prezentul contează și nu ziua de mâine sau cea de ieri, nu mă hrănesc cu amintiri, ci cu darul zilei de azi. Cred că cel mai frumos lucru în viață este să zâmbești chiar și atunci când te simți „down”, chiar și atunci când știi că nu mai ai de ce s-o faci, când toate problemele par să se prăbușească în capul tău. Cheia e la tine, zâmbește, e cel mai bun medicament :) Chiar și acum când trec și eu prin momente mai...

Beautiful Skiathos Town

content discovered on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 in

There are place on Earth you feel you belong there. And this is one of those places. It is my first time in Skiathos, but I feel I was here before in another life. Look at the pictures and you can see the beauty all around. Everything is dressed in white and blue, even I chose an outfit to match with this town. The sky is just perfect, the sea - enchanting, the mountains - so beautiful. I call this place Heaven on Earth. The view from up there is outstanding, you can just lay on a bench and think abou...


content discovered on Friday, September 20, 2013 in

You took me down to the Paradise City where the sky is blue and the sea is pretty :) Such a peaceful place, such amazing landscapes and beautiful colours. Welcome to one of the most beautiful places in Skiathos Island - Koukounaries ( Κουκουναριές) beach. It is so good to be here, I had to recharge my batteries for a new phase of life; not that I am tired, but I have to be stronger now :) Skiathos este pur și simplu minunată, sunt locuri pe această insulă parcă rupte din rai; culorile mării te hipno...

After rain outfit

content discovered on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 in

Here's a quick post of my first day in Skiathos. It rained for a few hours, but it was amazing. Now the weather's just perfect for a few baths in the sea and some tan. There are lots of tourists on the island and all I see and hear is Mamma Mia, you know the movie (with Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan. Amanda Seyfried) filmed in Skiathos and Skopelos islands. I can't wait to see the beauties over here :) O postare rapidă din prima zi de pe Skiathos. A plouat timp de câteva ore, dar cu toate acestea a ...

Fericire, te iubesc!

content discovered on Saturday, September 14, 2013 in

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Sunt săgetător și asta cere sacrificii. Întotdeauna monetare, unerori de timp, alteori de personal. Dacă este ceva în viața asta care să mă facă fericită cu adevărat acestea sunt călătoriile. Care? De toate felurile; începând de la „deja-prea-bătucitul” drum Sibiu-Arad până la excursiile sp...

Tomboy Chic

content discovered on Friday, September 13, 2013 in

What about a masculine outfit for today? I feel so comfy dressed with men's clothing; I simply love baggy clothes, light outfits, boyfriend ripped jeans, simple tees, large blazers. It's all about your style and how you combine these men's items, you can look like a boy or you can have a chic attitude. Give some positive vibe to your outfit by adding feminine touches like this leopard scarf. Have an awesome day! Ce zici de o ținută masculină pentru ziua de azi? Mă simt foarte bine atunci când port...

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