Still Out Here
I am still out here and think about blogging. After entrecard died, my blogging sort of died down too. I was focusing on college, kdis, and more. I'm an RN working in Oncology now. I still like to talk abiut anything and everything! Nothing ofd Limits as always.Had a great 4th of July. Hope everyone is doing well. Leave. Leave a comment and let me know!
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Juneathon Day 13 - 2011
I am not really superstitious but another milestone today on the Juneathon challenge was the 13th of the month. I had plans to do a longer run but had to cut it short when I fell over. Not sure what I tripped on but I came a cropper going round a corner. I am not sure what the the initial thought is as you start flying through the air, whether it is one of embarrassment as cars pass and you are giving them some better entertainment then they can get on tv or thoughts of trying to relax and roll avoiding...
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